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Have you asked yourself why you want to lose weight?  Is it because you want to look better, feel better, increase confidence, manage diabetes, or to lower cholesterol or blood pressure?  People have different reasons.  Without the proper motivation, working out and losing weight are just something people talk about instead of accomplishing.  Getting the motivation to workout seems like a never ending cycle.  Most people have tried to lose weight and are continuously starting, stopping and starting again.  They say they are going to become serious about working out and losing weight.  We start, we mess up, then we quit.  Does this sound familiar?  So many workouts are boring and people do not get the results they are seeking so their motivation fades and eventually workouts stop.


How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

People are looking for a great way to burn fat faster in order to lose weight.  It takes exercise that will elevate the heart rate to burn fat.  Losing weight is no easy task.  There are many articles and weight loss plans saying to look at the success of others, but in reality it has to be the individual who has the inner drive to be successful.  This is how it is in almost everything.  Will power, drive and ambition are vital in motivation to lose weight.  It is the individual who is not happy with themselves so it must be the individual who makes the necessary changes or adjustments.  When a person does nothing then nothing happens.  The first thing most people want to do is deprive themselves of something they like to eat.  Changing eating habits is necessary but immediately punishing yourself may defeat the purpose.  There are a lot of healthy foods that are enjoyable.  

Weight Loss Motivation Tips

  • Determine the reason for wanting to lose weight and remind yourself of that reason
  • Write down goals – be specific – an example would be; I want to lose 20 lbs in 6 months or I want to go down 2 dress sizes – make sure to log progress and read regularly
  • Mind set to change lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising – making it a lifestyle is the key to maintaining weight loss – thinking positive seems simple, but it will come and go if a person allows it to
  • Hang around health conscious people – its easier to eat right and exercise when the people around you are too
  • Put a picture of yourself on the refrigerator and in your car– this will remind you of your goals and help pass up those fast food restaurants
  • Weigh in and measure once every two weeks– often a person will lose inches and not pounds so doing both will help motivate a person to keep pressing on
  • Get help from other's or join a weight conscious community. Head to our Kbands Burn Blog and help motivate as well as find the support you need to stay on track.

Eating healthy and exercising should be a lifestyle, not something a person starts and stops.  At Kbands Training we realize this and developed workout videos that will burn fat and that are fun and easy to do.  Our Kbands Burn videos are designed to use resistance to burn fat.  One of the great things about Kbands Burn is that they are upbeat and fun workouts that can be done either high or low impact depending on the level of person.  As the program progresses you will see your body change.  With every Burn workout expect to burn near 1000 calories. Push the pace and workout at maximal effort.  All the videos are different so they help motivation and prevent boredom by doing the same thing over and over.  With Kbands Burn you will feel the resistance.  These videos are designed to work all the parts of the body while getting the heart rate up and get body fat percentages down.   Kbands Burn includes all the essentials for losing weight fast. Trevor Theismann will also help keep you motivated. Join his Kbands Burn community and work with a personal trainer in your living room. No more expensive personal training fees. Trevor Theismann will share his secrets to weight loss and six pack abs and help push your body to places it's never been.

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