Most Efficient Core And Full Body Exercise


Most Efficient Core And Full Body Exercise

The Kbands Stability Ball Reverse Roller is a very advanced core exercise requiring a good amount of full body strength, stability, and coordination. If athletes begin to perform the Kbands Stability Ball Reverse Roller and find it to challenging for them they are encouraged to search for additional ab and core training they can use to develop their core strength, and then return to performing the Kbands Stability Ball Reverse Rollers.

Athletes who do have the full body strength and core stability to perform this core exercise should focus on moving slowly through the timed set so full body and abdominal strength and stability can be properly trained. Moving to fast through the full body workout will yield slower results and possible injuries.


Target Abs With This Full Body Workout

To perform the Kbands Stability Ball Reverse Roller athletes will need a Kbands Stability Ball. Athletes will place the Kbands Stability Ball under their ankles, shins, and feet. Athletes will place themselves in the upward phase of a pushup with arms extended and the athletes hands placed directly under the shoulders. Athletes will keep their hips off the ground and even with their shoulders as they rotate their elbows in, and begin to shift their weight back.

As athletes control themselves backwards it is important they keep the shoulder blades pulled back and down with their butt and abs squeezed. Keeping the butt, back, and abs tight will allow the spine to stay straight and in line with the hips and shoulders forcing the entire body to work together through the abs to control the movement.

Once athletes have moved backward as far as they feel comfortable they will begin the process of moving back into the starting position. This can again be done by rotating the elbows in, pulling the shoulder blades back and down, and squeezing the butt and abs. Athletes should also slightly push their feet into the ball. This will help athletes keep a good extension at the hips and not allow the hip flexors to take over for the abs. Athletes should think about keeping their hips as straight as possible throughout the Kbands Stability Ball Reverse Rollers.

Athletes will perform this controlled back and forth full body workout for 30 seconds before resting for 60 seconds and completing 5 total sets of the core strengthening exercise. These longer recovery periods will allow athletes to maintain proper tension and body alignment throughout the entire core exercise. Athletes who want a greater challenge should keep the recovery time at 60 seconds and instead increase their working sets to 45 seconds. But, this increase in time should only be applied if all 5 sets of 30 seconds can be completed with good form.

Go Slow With Time Under Tension Sets

For those who are not familiar with the term Time Under Tension (or TUT) it is the concept that the longer a muscle is placed under tension and forced to work the more muscle fibers in that muscle will be recruited to help complete that action. This is why the idea of using timed sets and going slow make the Kbands Stability Ball Reverse Roller such an effective core strengthening and full body exercise. Athletes who speed through the ab exercise and allow the chest, hips, or legs to fall to the ground are simply moving their bodies around and not allowing the core muscles to be targeted.

Although athletes are targeting their core using their entire body will allow them to complete the ab exercise with more success. Athletes who practice proper body placement and using the legs, arms, and abs together will get a better overall workout.

Proper breathing will also help athletes maintain more intra abdominal pressure and a more rigid torso. Athletes should be squeezing and exhaling as they move down, and inhaling as they move back to their top position. Athletes should also not be afraid to quickly stop and reset themselves if they find they are losing good body positioning.

All of these tips will help athletes increase their Time Under Tension (TUT) and increase the strength and coordination of the abs and full body.

Advanced Full Body And Ab Exercises

Additional full body exercises which work in different speeds, planes of motion, and intensities will allow athletes to develop all of their athletic skills. Trying to incorporate sports specific aspects (such as the length or time of the drill) will allow the athlete to better adapt the training to success in their particular sport.

Athletes and coaches can use full body workout training tools like the Victory Ropes, Reactive Stretch Cord, or Ballistic Bands to add additional coordination and overall strength to an athletes skill set. Athletes can use the Victory Ropes to complete intense full body exercises like the Hercules Lunges, Power Turns, or Single Arm Slams. The resistance and instability of the Victory Ropes force athletes to coordinate and stabilize their entire body at a higher tempo.

The Reactive Stretch Cord is a more stable full body training tool that is great for performing sports specific full body drills. Athletes can go to the Reactive Stretch Cord Athlete Training Section to explore those sports specific drills.

The Ballistic Bands deliver large amounts of varying tension while athletes complete full body strength training exercises like the Squat And Press and Ballistic Single Arm Row. Athletes can use any of the sports training equipment to execute a high intensity, full body strength training workout. Or athletes can raise the tempo and work through a full body circuit workout.

No matter what type of workout athletes are performing they need to keep a few things in mind. Number one, take care of your body. Athletes should be using the Ballistic Bands, Recovery Foal Roller, and other recovery exercises to keep their body healthy and functioning at a high level.

Number two, athletes need to make sure they are mixing in a good combination of speed, agility, and strength training with their sports specific training. A wide receiver who can out run and jump everyone but cannot catch the ball is not very useful to their team. Work on those little things that will make you a great player.


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