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Motivation for Weight Loss: Keeping Your Original Weight Loss Motivation in Mind When Things Get Difficult

So you’ve decide it’s time to start reaping the benefits of exercise, healthy food, and burning off more calories every day than the amount you’re taking in. In other words, you’ve found the motivation to lose weight. You know the road to sustained weight loss won’t be easy, but you’re ready to take the first step.

Congratulations! This first step is the most difficult and the by far the most important step to any successful weight loss plan. Now that you’ve found your weight loss motivation, you’re ready to begin building habits that can take you step by step to the leaner and healthier body you need and deserve.

But what if the going gets rough and your weight loss inspiration is tested? What if your motivation for weight loss falls short? What if that statement of affirmation you’ve posted to your fridge or the size six dress you’ve left hanging on the back of a chair aren’t quite enough to get you through the worst of your weight loss challenges? Don’t worry. Your chosen form of weight loss motivation can keep you on track, but keep in mind that weight loss inspiration can be a matter of perspective. Here are a few considerations.


Most Common Motivation for Weight Loss

Here are the most common forms of weight loss motivation, or reasons to start making lifestyle changes to drop unwanted pounds:

1. To look better and gain more general confidence in our appearance
2. To appeal to the opposite sex
3. To feel healthier and lighter
4. To prevent weight-related medical problems
5. To feel stronger, faster, more flexible and more capable
6. To live longer
7. To gain energy and enjoy activities more
8. To expand our wardrobe options

If your motivation to lose weight falls into any of these categories, you’re not alone. Thousands, if not millions, of people have looked into the mirror and made exactly the same decisions for exactly the same reason or reasons. And every single day, no matter what their specific weight loss motivation may be, huge numbers of them are succeeding. Even those who are struggling are encountering the same obstacles and are driven by the same weight loss motivation that drives you. No matter what your plan entails, you won’t be doing anything or trying anything that hasn’t been done before. When it comes to weight loss motivation, there is nothing new under the sun and there are no uncharted territories. So don’t be overwhelmed by what seem like bewildering options and possible outcomes. If millions of people can create a weight loss plan and navigate it successfully, you can too.

Building Strong Foundations Under Your Weight Loss Motivation

To keep your weight loss motivation strong, build on the people around you and the experience of others. Confide in friends and family who will understand your motivation to lose weight and will stand behind your goals. Try to avoid those who don’t understand your motivation to lose weight, and until your weight loss plan is well underway, protect yourself by sidestepping people, events and situations that might sidetrack your goals and step between you and your weight loss inspiration. Even our closest loved ones sometimes don’t like change and might subconsciously interfere with our motivation to lose weight, but recognize this tendency and don’t put yourself in the path of old habits and patterns.

Your human support network doesn’t have to include only people you know. Every weight loss story you encounter, even secondhand or online, can deliver important wisdom and weight loss inspiration. Make the most of every positive outcome and learn from every failure and obstacle, even those that affect others instead of you.


Keeping Your Weight Loss Inspiration at the Top of Your Mind

You don’t want to be derailed or separated from your motivation to lose weight, but you also don’t want to let it drift too far from the front of your thoughts. Keeping your weight loss motivation front and center might mean posting pictures that remind you of your inspiration in places where you’ll be sure to see them every day. The pictures don’t have to be large. They should be just enough to get your attention and bring your thoughts back to the benefits of exercise, even for a fraction of a minute.

Enjoying the Benefits of Exercise and Eating Right

Here are a few of the most common benefits of exercise and healthy eating, organized according to how soon most people feel them after beginning a workout plan. With an hour of moderate exercise three times a week, no red meat or soft drinks, and five servings of fruit and green vegetables a day, most people begin to feel the effects in accordance with this timeline:

One-two weeks: Digestive health feels better, energy levels begin to rise, and excitement and ambition build around weight loss motivation.

Four weeks: The body feels stronger, and pounds are beginning to drop both visually and from the bathroom scale.

Six weeks: Breathing is easier, circulation feels better, energy levels are higher throughout the day, sleep habits are improving, and the arms, legs and torso are gaining tone and firmness. Motivation to lose weight is still strong.

Eight weeks: Clothes feel roomier, skin tone and sleeping habits improve, and outlook and sense of well- being are elevated. Motivation to lose weight may encounter some challenges as old habits creep back into place.

Three months and beyond: Old habits may rise up periodically, and weight loss motivation may flag as progress levels off. But the long-term benefits of exercise are beginning to show at this point. The body and mind feel healthier, clothing sizes have gone down, and friends and family are becoming accustomed to our new habits and new energy levels.

When we reach this stage, our motivation for weight loss should begin to function as a sustaining rather than driving force. When you start to experience the long term changes that come with healthy eating and the lasting benefits of exercise, enjoy them! Try to keep your original weight loss motivation close, and let it share the stage with these new forms of personal satisfaction. At this point, exercise is often its own reward, and the benefits of a healthier body can be paired with your original motivation to keep you active as the years go by and the pounds stay off.

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