Lose Weight By Focusing On Cardio Output


Lose Weight By Focusing On Cardio Output

Fat loss typically results from pressure on several fronts, including reduced calorie intake versus output, improved metabolic efficiency, and increased control over blood sugar levels and the hormones that help the body process fat. A great cardio workout routine can elevate many of these efforts at the same time.

Cardio and Intervals

After several minutes of sustained, high intensity exercise, the heartbeat gains speed until it reaches its maximum level. Every person has a different maximum heart rate, since hearts vary in strength, but once the maximum rate is determined, this number can be used to monitor exercise intensity and make sure that the energy output of a given workout stays high enough to optimize the burning of fat.

“Intervals” describe zones of energy output. At the highest intervals, you are expending enough energy to keep your heart at 80 to 90 percent of its maximum rate. Since this level of intensity is almost impossible to sustain, most cardio workout routines keep the heartbeat between about 20 and 70 percent of its maximum rate. Optimal fat burning takes place in the interval between 40 and 60 percent, so the best cardio workout routines focused on fat loss will bring the heart rate to this level and keep it there for as long as possible.

How To Lose Fat With a Cardio Workout Routine

In the video below, Shannon Denton from Kbands will demonstrate a short but intense cardio workout routine designed to elevate the heart rate to fat burning levels and maintain this rate for the duration of the exercise. Since the muscles of the legs and hips are some of the largest and strongest muscles in the body, exertion in these areas can elevate the heart faster than exertion in smaller muscle groups. So to lift the heart rate quickly to a fat burning interval, Shannon will focus both exercises of this cardio workout routine on the hips, glutes, and inner and outer areas of the upper leg.

How to Lose Fat: Lunges

Adding an additional element of tension to the cardio workout routine and increasing stress on the leg muscles can help you burn fat faster. So in order to raise the difficulty of this cardio workout routine, Shannon has attached the Kbands resistance training bands to her legs just above the knee. The Kbands should always be positioned correctly, with the long band in front and the shorter band attached in the back.

To complete this exercise properly, you should not focus on one leg at a time, but should instead alternate between legs, since this will target the heart rate and keep it elevated. you should begin by placing your weight on one leg and dropping the other leg back by one step. The knee of the rear leg should move toward the floor and the body should drop down. While the body lowers toward the ground, the forward leg should stay properly positioned with the knee not moving further forward than the toes. (Knee injuries can result if this happens.)

Once lowered, the body should immediately rise back up, and the rear leg should come forward and then extend to the side with the toe pointed and touching the floor during another squat motion. Then you should lift the extended leg into the air. While lifting the leg to the side, you should make sure your knee stays straight, since this will help maintain pressure on the hips and leg muscles.

For the duration of this part of the cardio workout routine, the elbows should be bent and the arms should be elevated in front of the body for balance. This first cardio exercise should be repeated as many times as possible in a 60 second period before you move onto the next portion of the cardio workout routine.

How to Lose Fat Cardio Burst

The second portion of this fat-burning cardio workout routine will last for 20 seconds. you should complete as many of these moves as possible with a 20-second period without slowing down or pausing for a break. Again, consistent high energy output will bring the heart into its targeted fat-burning zone and help the body metabolize and process fat with greater speed and efficiency.

As Shannon does in the video, you should not pause after the last exercise, but should find an open space on the floor and stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. You should then drop down into a squat motion, pushing your center of gravity to the rear and supporting your body weight with the muscles of the glutes and hips.

you should then straighten out your body while jumping into the air and reversing their position from front to back (rotating 180 degrees). This cardio workout routine can place high demands on both the heart and the muscles of the legs, but this pressure is necessary to maximize the body’s fat burning processes.

you should maintain the squat-jump-rotation cycle for 20 full seconds before pausing or resting. Every time the body pauses to rest and breathe, the heart rate slows and can easily drop down out of the fat burning zone. If this happens, it can compromise the value of the cardio workout routine. To make the most of fat-loss exercises like these, you need to focus on achieving and sustaining an elevated heart rate.

After the 20 seconds, you can pause and breathe deeply for 15 to 20 seconds before starting the cardio workout routine again from the beginning. For optimal fat loss, you should complete the alternating exercises of this cardio workout routine for a continuous session of fifteen minutes.

How to Lose Fat: Additional Information

Those who are trying to figure out how to lose fat with exercises like these should remember a few key facts about fat loss:

1. Fat loss can not be targeted to specific areas of the body. Working the legs won’t remove fat from the legs alone. Instead, weight reduction should be considered a function of the pressure placed on the heart. The faster and more sustained the heart rate, the more efficient the fat loss.

2. Fat loss requires continuous effort and patience. A high intensity cardio workout routine like this one must completed on a regular basis for several weeks before you can expect to see visible results.

3. Fat loss can easily be reversed or slowed by poor eating habits. Ingredients, portion sizes, and mindful snacking will all play a role in the speed and success of any fat loss plan.


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