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When it comes to personal health, Life Priority recognizes that most people do not want to compromise on the quality of their supplements. What you don't put into your body is just as important as what you do. Undesirable residues, byproducts, and impurities may accompany any supplement or supplement ingredient that has not been carefully cultivated, processed, manufactured, or stored. Beware! Your health may be affected by any level of contaminants.

You can be assured that Life Priority adheres to the highest quality standards, including the use of the highest-quality ingredients. You can know that you are dealing with a company with all the requisite technical expertise, and especially that we are a reputable company committed to integrity, expertise, and quality as the core of our business philosophy.



Totally important! Expertise comes from experience. Nothing could be more important in the development of superior products.

Life Priority's team of biomedical researchers and writers, formulators, quality control experts, medical advisors, manufacturing/production specialists, and others, is uniquely qualified to deliver the kinds of innovative, cutting-edge, top-quality products and education that set the pace for the industry. This team represents a greater accumulation in years of experience (dating back to 1968 in one case) than that of any other company in the life-extension nutrient arena.

Life Priority is proud to have the services of two quality control experts: scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw®whose formulations we manufacture according to their rigorous specifications for their own personal consumption. No one can seriously dispute their leadership in quality assurance and knowledge of quality control. These same rigorous specifications are used in the manufacturing processes for all Life Priority products.

Durk specified most of NASA's first material processing laboratory in the Space Shuttle and wrote the first draft of the laboratory safety manual. Sandy developed a major corporation's computerized quality control system. In 1980 Durk was given an award from the International Society for Testing and Failure Analysis, honoring him as "an American Renaissance Man of Science whose positive achievements have extended beyond the laboratory to society in general." Through the filter of a broad spectrum of disciplines, Durk scrutinizes several candidate raw material samples every month.


Yes - if he or she masters an array of scientific technologies and acquires years of experience in the laboratory, while continuing to read a wide range of the latest primary literature. Life Enhancement is also proud to employ as Director of Manufacturing Dale Fowkes, who has been producing Pearson & Shaw formulations longer than anyone else. About Dale, Durk & Sandy say, "There are not many people who are really experienced in the nutrition supplement production community, but Dale Fowkes is one person who certainly is." Regarding our testing standards, Dale says, "We spend more money and effort on quality control in one month than most of our competitors do in one year, or more than they have ever spent."

Will Block, founder of Life Priority Products, has devoted the last 20 years of his life to the health sciences and each day consumes a significant number of the products produced by his company. Motivated by the goal of life extension, quality control is extremely important to him. As he says, "I am in this for the long run, so I can't afford to make a mistake."


Is the topic of anti-aging important to you? Are you looking for ways to reduce stress and anxiety, improve memory, and help prevent the onset of disease? Do you want to enhance your lifestyle and enjoy a greater sense of well-being? Relevant, well-written, readily available research material will improve your knowledge of these subjects and make you a more informed consumer. We believe an informed customer is a healthier customer. Our quest for keeping current on scientific research is never ending. And who benefits the most? You do! And you should! Our magazine, Life Priority, is among the most respected in the industry. Its publisher, medical editors, and scientific advisors are hailed for their top knowledge. They are exclusively focused on providing you with the leading-edge research on nutritional supplements in order to enhance the quality and duration of your life.

Our resources include an extensive medical library, an on-site staff physician, well-respected scientific advisors, and a staff of experts with a combined track record of many years. Our biomedical staff is committed to ongoing mammoth research efforts, continually unearthing scientific discoveries that enhance and extend life.


You cannot put a price on good service; we believe customer service and satisfaction are invaluable. Life Priority's customer service employees are personally committed to a healthier lifestyle. Their product knowledge, enthusiasm, and motivation give them the tools they need to help you make informed decisions about supplements for your daily nutritional health plans. Our service program is all about achievement and setting the highest standards. Satisfying you is our top priority.

Our unquestioned and solid reputation, earned over time, has enabled us to lead the industry in integrity, expertise, and quality.

If you are interested in information, innovation, and the best nutritional supplements available, we are here to serve you.


Absolutely! What you ingest affects your health and well-being. We purchase ingredients with a certified purity greater than 98%. Every ingredient is then additionally lab-tested for quality and purity, every time. We source only from first-rate companies such as Hoffman LaRoche, Ajinomoto, and other leading pharmaceutical nutrient manufacturers from around the world. Only the highest-grade ingredients are in our products!

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