Leg Workout for Strength and Tone


Leg Workout for Strength and Tone

A complete summer workout focused on strength building, sculpting, and toning should definitely involve a few supersets that target the legs. This short but intense leg workout for strength will help both serious and casual athletes build power and definition in the hamstrings and glutes. The moves demonstrated in the video below are easy to set up and execute with the help of the lightweight, portable KB Duo, but they’re more demanding then they look. And with a little patience and commitment, they can bring clear results in time for summer sports training and beach activities.

This leg workout for strength is considered a superset, which means the rest periods between the moves are short and each rep cycle moves quickly into the next. By the end of this series of simple moves, the legs should be burning and viewers should be ready for well-deserved cool down. These exercises only require a few minutes at a time in sessions that can be completed three to four times per week. Viewers will need a small amount of floor space, a KB Duo suspension training system, and a sturdy overhead anchor point that can support the user’s body weight, like a pull up bar or squat rack. Once the straps have been attached to the anchor point and adjusted so they hang to the appropriate level, the workout superset can begin.



Leg Workout for Strength: Hamstring Curls

The first move in this leg workout for strength is called a hamstring curl, and for an effective set of curls, the loops of the KB Duo should fall about ten inches above the floor. The straps should be adjusted to the correct length and then the user can lie face up on the floor and place a foot into each strap with the heels down and the toes up. The strap should be secure and should loop as high up toward the ankle as possible so the feet don’t slip out.

When the loops are secure, the user can lie flat with the head against the floor and the palms placed on the floor at each side for stability. To complete the hamstring curl, the user bends the knee into a right angle, allowing the loops of the KB Duo to support the weight of his lower body. Then he straightens out again at the knee until the thighs are nearly parallel to the floor. The straps should be adjusted to a height that allows this flexion and extension of the legs to hold the rear end high up off the floor.

Ideally, the rear end should stay elevated and the tension of the move should be fully concentrated in the hamstring muscles at the back on the thigh. If the hamstrings aren’t under tension or the rear end won’t stay elevated, the loops of the KB Duo are probably too low and should be raised by an inch or two. Users can view the demonstration for an example of correctly adjusted straps and proper form.

For maximum results, the hamstring curls should be repeated for 12 reps per set. Each rep should be fast, but under control. And the legs should a complete a full range of motion during the move, which means the thigh should be parallel to the floor at the straightest point and parallel to the wall when the knees are fully bent.

Leg Workout for Strength: Power Squat Jumps

The second move in this two-part leg workout for strength will involve a set of 20 squat jumps. To gain the maximum benefit from this move, the straps will need to be adjusted to about torso height, so the user can hold a strap in each hand in a standing position and lean back, letting the bands support his weight.

Once the bands are adjusted and the user is standing in position, he can bend at the knee and sink down into a deep squat position. As with all correct squats, the knees should never come further forward than the toes, and the tension of the squat should be felt in the leg muscles, not the knees or lower back. The user will then jump up straight into the air as high as possible, generating explosive force in the hamstrings and glutes. The user should catch the jumping motion in the hips, and allow the straps of the KB Duo to support his weight so he can lean back and let the legs do the work.

There’s no need to go too deep with each squat jump, or to allow the rear end to sink too close to the floor. At each move, control and explosivity should be the most important goals. The user should maintain control over his form as he sinks into the squat, and the upward jumping motion should be explosive and fully focused on the legs.

At every jump in the entire set of 20 jumps, the user should work for as much height as possible. This will maximize strength building efforts in the hamstrings and the glutes. The KB Duo can help the body stay under control and allow the user to lean back and catch the move in the hips, but the driving force of the workout should come from the explosivity and height of the jump.

Leg Workout for Strength: Final Notes

This entire leg strength workout should consist of three rounds, and each round should include a set of twelve hamstring curls followed by 20 squat jumps in rapid succession. The shorter the breaks between each move, the better. But between each round, users can feel free to rest for about 30 to 60 seconds. This entire session shouldn’t take longer than five or ten minutes at a time.

For more quick but powerful workouts like these targeting strength-building in specific muscle groups, explore the Kbands Training tabs above. The site offers video workouts and articles that can help users get the best possible results from the KB Duo suspension training system.


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