Leg Exercises and Conditioning for the Upper Body


Circuit Training: Leg Exercises and Conditioning for the Upper Body

Hi, I’m Shannon Denton, personal trainer with Kbands Training.com, and welcome back to the Flex2Fit video workout blog! Here on the blog, we post weekly videos of short, intense workouts that can you follow at home or at the gym. Each week, we target specific training models, areas of the body, or moves required by sports like baseball or basketball. We also try to demonstrate ways to optimize your Kbands resistance training equipment so you can get the most out of your resistance and suspension training workouts.

During today’s workout, I’ll be taking you through a circuit training session focused on leg exercises. This small but powerful workout features four moves, each one targeting an area of the lower body. Before we begin, make sure your Kbands resistance bands are strapped securely around your upper legs with the short band in back and the long band in front. Ready? Let’s get started!





Workout Reps Workout Sets

Leg Presses

45 sec


Lung Jumps

45 sec 4-5

Mountain Climbers

45 sec


Squat Jumps

45 sec 4-5


Circuit Training: Leg Presses

Before you begin a set of leg presses using a weight machine, make sure your settings are appropriate. When the press is at its lowest, your knees should be comfortably drawn to your chest, and at full extension, your legs should be straight (but not locked) with your toes almost pointed.

Once you’re situated in the leg press with your Kbands on, start pressing and keep up a steady pace for 45 seconds.

Circuit Training: Lunge Jumps

Start this next set of leg exercises in lunge position, with one leg extended forward and the other planted behind you. Drop your center of gravity toward the floor, making sure that your front knee doesn’t extend forward further than your toes. When you’re stable and balanced, jump into the air and reverse your forward and rear leg, then drop into a lunge again. Your feet should never be parallel. Keep jumping steadily for 45 seconds. Take a rest if you need to, or if your legs get too tired to continue, but jump back into the leg exercises as quickly as you can. And don’t bend over while you catch your breath.

Circuit Training: Mountain Climber Push Ups

For the third circuit training set, let’s drop into push up position and give our legs a rest while we focus on our upper body. While keeping your body line straight, plant your feet slightly wider than you would for a normal push up. Lower yourself by bending your elbows, and as you push yourself up from the floor, bring your left knee up toward our chest. On the next push up, raise your right knee. On the third,
Complete four mountain climbers by bringing your knees up in quick succession as if you’re jogging in place. Repeat the entire cycle for 45 seconds.

Circuit Training: Squat Jumps

For the final move in this circuit training set, make sure your KB Duo is firmly anchored and hold a handle of the straps in each hand. Step away from the anchor point and lean backward slightly so the straps are supporting your weight. Plant your feet slightly wider than shoulder width to start, and then jump, landing with your feet together. As you land, drop your rear toward the ground, almost to your heels. Then spring up again, this time landing with your feet wide. Drop your rear down again, and repeat this strong set of leg exercises for 45 seconds without stopping, as with every other session in the circuit training workout.

Once you understand every move, walk with me through each of the circuits as I complete them in the video. Keep up the pace and push yourself! If you need a quick break, pause the video but jump back in as soon as you’re ready. Feel the burn and enjoy the workout!


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