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Kbands Outdoor FX Training


Kbands Outdoor FX is an amazing outdoor workout program. With Advanced Outdoor FX, Beginner Outdoor FX and intense outdoor challenge workouts you will find a complete outdoor workout system. By utilizing the power of Kbands, KB Powerbands and the KB Duo you will be able to target your complete body from head to toe. With dynamic exercises utilizing resistance you will build muscle and burn more fat then ever before with any conventional outdoor workout system. Get started optimizing your training with Kbands Outdoor FX Training Series.

Kbands Outdoor FX Beginner Training


Get started building a great foundation of strength and endurance with BEGINNER OUTDOOR FX. This outdoor workout is your first step towards the level of fitness you are looking for. With a combination of resisted lunges, dynamic rows and core training you will be challenged while staying out of the gym.

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Kbands Outdoor FX Advanced Workout


ADVANCED OUTDOOR FX is the ultimate outdoor workout. With Inverted Push Ups, Single Leg Power Squats and Running RDL's you will take your body to the max. By merging dynamic strength training with resisted full body movements every workout will test your ablities. Are you ready for ADVANCED OUTDOOR FX?

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