Intense Full Body Workout for Steady Fat Loss


An Intense Full Body Workout for Steady Fat Loss

It isn’t always easy to melt away excess body fat and keep it off, but with the right mind set, a great workout routine, and a complimentary healthy eating plan, steady fat loss is an attainable goal for almost everyone.

The exercise potion of an effective fat loss plan should begin with close attention to heart rate. Exercise scientists and researchers have identified a strong connection between heart rate and the body’s metabolic processes associated with fat loss. The body appears to burn fat most efficiently and rapidly when the heart rate is accelerated above 40 percent but kept below about 65 percent of its maximum speed. Optimal fat burning activity takes place in this zone, and an effective full body workout designed around fat loss goals will bring the body to this point and keep it here for as long as possible.

Since baseline heart rates vary for each individual and may be influenced by factors like age, weight, and general health, the first step to an effective fat loss workout is an assessment of the heart rate at resting and maximum levels. If you are looking to lose weight you must get your heart rate up. Place your fingers on the pulse area at the wrist or throat and count the beats for six full seconds. That number multiplied by ten will equal resting beats-per-minute, or BPH. At peak levels of intense activity, the pulse should be measured again. This number will equal maximum BPH.

You can use your total maximum heart rate as a guide as you complete the exercises below. Try to exert enough energy to keep your heart working at 40-65 percent of this number.

While weight loss goals should also include attention to overall lifestyle and nutrition, an intense, regular exercise routine forms the cornerstone an effective fat loss plan. Those who are searching for an exercise routine can start with a fat burning full body workout like the one demonstrated in the video below.



Full Body Workout: Mountain Climbers

This full body workout relies on the use of the KB Duo, one of the suspension and resistance training tools available at Once the straps are in place and have been securely fastened to an overhead anchor point, you can use the system to leverage your own body weight, build strength, and burn the calories that lead to excess fat.

To complete the first move in this full body workout, hold a handle of the KB Duo in each hand and lean your weight into the straps, keeping the arms straight at the elbows (but not locked). While the upper body is supported by the straps, you should run in place, exerting high energy that stays concentrated in the legs, hips and core.

When completed correctly, this workout targets the entire body, including both upper and lower body muscle groups. But the energy output invested in this exercise will have a powerful influence over fat loss results. You will need to generate enough activity to bring the heart rate into the fat burning zone and keep it elevated. High knee lifts and a full range of motion can support this goal.

This full body workout move should begin explosively and continue for 12 full seconds.

Full Body Workout: Squat Hops

The second move in this full body workout is called the squat hop, and the like the previous move, the squat hop relies on the bodyweight leverage and balance control generated by the KB Duo. If you have fat loss goals in mind you should complete this exercise by holding a handle in each hand, facing the anchor point, and taking a few steps backward until the straps are tight. The body should then drop into squat position with the knees bent and the bodyweight centered in the rear end.

While maintaining a grip on the straps, jump up from the squat position into the air, and drop immediately back into squat position after landing. Make sure you are leaning backwards and allowing the straps to support your full body weight during this move, since the exercise won’t be as effective with slack in the straps.

Again, this fat loss exercise will bring faster and more satisfying results if heart rate and intensity levels play a role. During this full body workout move your heart rate should rise quickly. If your heart rate isn’t rising and staying within 40 and 65 percent of its maximum BPM, you should increase both the speed and the range of motion, jumping higher and falling deeper into the squat when returning to the floor.

This full body workout move should be maintained for 15 seconds with intense energy and no pauses.

Full Body Workout: Rest Periods

Even a few seconds of rest can cause the heart rate to slow down and drop out of the fat burning zone, so those who are focused on fat loss should factor breaks and rest periods into their expectation of results. Most full body fat loss exercises can be taxing, but the longer the heart rate stays elevated, the longer the body’s metabolic processes will target fat deposits as sources of energy.

During this full body workout, breaks should happen only between sets, and they should be kept short. The need for breaks can be diminished if you focus on breathing during the workout. Often, a small increase in oxygen intake can make a world of difference when you who may be struggling to maintain a set of high-intensity fat burning reps.

This entire full body workout should last between ten and fifteen minutes with constant rotation between the two exercises and minimal breaks between sets. For variety throughout the week, this routine can alternate or be paired with other fat loss exercises that can easily be found in the weight loss section of the Kbands Training site. Visit for additional information about exercise, healthy eating, and lifestyle choices that can support effective fat loss.


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