In-Season Baseball - Speed and Agility Station

In-Season Baseball - Speed and Agility Station

To be the best baseball player you must train consistently. Completing fielding, hitting and speed training drills throughout the season will help keep your skills sharp. In a team atmosphere the best way to efficiently train is in stations. Setting up practices with cage work, throwing drills, and speed and agility stations is the best setup. Remember, speed training is key to your success in the long run. Don't skip the station. Take a look at the video for a breakdown of the exercises.



Speed Station For In Season Baseball

This in-season baseball speed drill utilizes a ladder, Kbands, and agility cones. Analyze the video and listen to the setup as we discuss the proper distances. Notice in the video Kbands are used. This training aid is essential to help baseball players with hip flexor and glute strength. They are known to help athletes increase lateral speed and sprint speed. Complete resistance sets and unresisted sets before moving on to your next station.

Increase The Difficulty With A Baseball

We always suggest completing speed drills without sport specific items first, but after you take a couple runs through the drill you can always bring in your baseball and glove. Notice in the last element of this sprint out you will have a great opportunity to throw a baseball deep for a fly ball. This will help incorporate speed and hand eye coordination. You can also set this drill up on the infield. Place the last cone that the player rounds in a position that they will be able to feel the ground ball and throw to first base. You can make this more of an outfield drill, or infield drill if you wish.


Increase Your Baseball Speed Today With Kbands


What's The Best In Season Stations To Complete

To run a smooth in-season practice you must be organized. Split your teams up in outfield, infield and pitcher groups. Each of the rotating through specific tasks. If you're working with high school players they will rotate equally. If you are working with college players, pitchers will not be moving to the hitting station, but running distances or shoulder rehab exercises.

The best rotation for most college teams is as follows:

1. Soft Toss
2. Batting Practice
3. Ground Balls
4. Fly Balls
5. Shoulder Rehab
6. Bullpen
7. Speed And Agility

Depending on the time that you have during your practice will determine the amount of stations that you need. If any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.


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