Huge Biceps and Triceps: A Strength Training Superset


Huge Biceps and Triceps: A Strength Training Superset

Building huge biceps isn’t easy, and huge triceps and biceps don’t appear overnight no matter how intense a training session may be. But with a little patience and the right training equipment, upper arm volume and strength are attainable goals for athletes and non-athletes at every level. The KB Duo suspension training system provides a complete home workout without weights, and a strength building superset like the one below can get any user started down the path to huge biceps and strong, lean muscle tone in the triceps area.

In this video, the Kbands trainers demonstrate a few simple bicep and triceps exercises using the drop down method. This method helps increase muscle volume by pushing the fibers of the muscles up to and just beyond their limits, generating microscopic tears in the muscle tissue (called hypertrophy) that heal quickly while adding strength and size. Athletes using the drop down method complete as many reps of a given exercise as possible, and just as they reach the point of failure, they make a few small position adjustments to make the exercise a little easier. Then they push through the last few reps, taking the muscles to the limit of their capability.

In this KB Duo home workout without weights, the difficulty of each move depends on the user’s body weight, so the position and angle of the body can make the workout easier or more challenging. As Justin reaches the point of failure in each move, watch how he shifts his body angle to make the move easier before taking on the last few reps.



A Complete Home Workout without Weights: Huge Biceps

Before beginning this huge bicep and triceps superset, users can attach the KB Duo securely to an overhead anchor point and adjust the straps so they hang down to the level of the mid torso. Holding a handle in each hand, the user faces the anchor point and steps back until the straps are tight and they support his weight. He keeps an underhand grip on the handles and holds his hands close together while lifting his elbows up as if resting them on a shelf. Then he steps forward slightly and leans back until the weight of his body is centered in the biceps.

With a flat back and straight body line, the user bends at the elbow and lifts himself toward an upright position, then he straightens his arms slightly (not fully) and leans back. He repeats this move for eight to ten reps. When the lifting motion becomes almost impossible, he inches his feet backward to make the move a little easier.

Technique and hand position will be important during this move. As the hands move toward the forehead, the pinky should lead, not the index finger. This will keep the hands parallel with the plane of the body and the tension of the move will stay in the biceps where it belongs. After this first set is complete, the user should take a break for about 30 seconds before moving into the next exercise.

A Complete Home Workout without Weights: Huge Triceps

The next move in this upper arm superset is designed to target and strengthen the triceps area. For this exercise, the user will turn around and face away from the anchor point. With a handle in each hand, he straightens his arms and extends them while leaning into the straps, so the weight of his body is centered in the triceps. Keeping the hands together will make this move easier, but less effective, so the hands should be held a few inches apart. The body line should be straight, the back should be flat, and as he begins the exercise the user will bend slightly at the elbows, leaning forward till his hands reach the top of his head.

This move should be repeated for eight to ten reps, then the user to take a few steps away from the anchor point to slightly reduce the tension. At this point, the triceps should be burning and approaching the point of failure.

Drop set exercises can lead to huge triceps and biceps, but they aren’t easy, and they can place serious strain on the muscles. If the burn is too intense at the end of this move, the user can feel free to extend the rest period for an additional minute or so. This huge triceps move also gets easier if the hands move a little closer together, so users can keep that in mind as they move through the drop set process. No matter what, the back should stay flat and the rear end should not come out of line with the rest of the body. When this starts to happen, it’s time to either straighten the back or take a step forward and remove some of the pressure.

These huge bicep and tricep sets should be repeated four times at an absolute maximum, but ideally, the user should be burning out at the end of two sets. There’s no need to push this superset beyond the limits, and users should be sure to leave an adequate rest period in between each set.

The KB Duo Suspension Training System

The KB Duo suspension training system can provide a complete, full-body home workout without weights or expensive machines. The system is lightweight, durable, portable, and can turn any living room into a gym. But to get the most out of your suspension training workout, it helps to have access to suggested workout supersets and simple demonstrations like this one. Take a look at the training tab above for more information about the biomechanical principles behind suspension training and dozens of sample workouts that can help you get started on the path to total fitness. In the meantime, remember to set clear goals and give your all to every workout. Turn to the Kbands trainers for motivation, guidance, answers to your questions, and tips on stretching, nutrition, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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