How to Tone Your Body


Full Body Workout: How to Tone Your Body

Recently, the Kbands Training website has fielded several comments from women who are looking for ways to tone up the legs, hip area, and core, preferably with a single workout that can create tension in all of these targeted zones. A great full-body toning workout builds strength and streamlines the body in two distinct ways: First, strength and resistance training target the hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, and torso, creating firmness and definition in these muscle groups. At the same time, any exercise that elevates the heart rate into the fat-burning zone (40 to 60 percent of its maximum speed) and maintains this pace for a sustained period of several minutes can attack and melt away fat reserves. Even though fat loss can’t be targeted to specific areas—more crunches won’t diminish belly fat alone—an elevated heart rate can change the body’s metabolic process, which means more reliance on body fat instead of glycogen as a fuel resource.

There’s also a third way that resistance training can streamline and tighten the body. As muscle develops strength and increases in volume, muscle tissue demands a higher delivery of oxygen and nutrients. This increased circulation and metabolic activity actually causes a strong, toned body to burn energy at a higher rate, even during sleep.



So for a complete toning workout that can tone your body and help it stay healthy, strong, lean, and in shape, it’s a good idea to choose workouts that accomplish all three goals: muscle development, heart rate elevation, and overall conditioning. Resistance and suspension training can support all of these.

In the video below, the Kbands trainers demonstrate a suspension and resistance workout that takes minimal time and accomplishes the goals of a complete toning workout. Follow along as Trevor and Grace help you tone your body using the benefits of the KB Duo suspension training system.

Tone Your Body: A Complete Toning Workout in Three Moves

Before beginning this toning workout, viewers should make sure the KB Duo straps are attached to a secure overhead anchor point and adjusted to match the height of the user. The straps should hang almost to the ground and should allow the user to hold the handles and lean back until the straps support his or her entire body weight.

Tone Your Body: One Legged Squats

Once the straps are supporting the user’s weight and the arms are fully extended in front of the body, the right leg should be raised at the hip with the knee held straight. As the right leg is lifted, the left knee should be bent to lower the hips and torso toward the ground.

The tension of this move should be concentrated in the hips and upper leg, and technique will play a strong role in the success of this move. For example, as the body is lowered, the left knee should not come further forward than the toes on the left foot. If this happens, the move won’t be as effective, since the body will fall out of alignment and the tension of the move won’t be centered in the right place. This can also put the knee at risk of injury, which can set any workout plan back and cause all kinds of unnecessary problems.

As the body is raised and lowered, the back should also be straight, and the hips should be centered and under control. This toning workout move should be repeated twelve times on each side.

Tone Your Body: Planks

For the next move of this toning workout, the user will turn around and face away from the anchor point instead of toward it. With a handle in each hand, the arms should be held forward and the body should lean slightly until the body weight is supported by the straight arms and the tension in the straps.

When the body is in position and balanced and the back is straight, the arms should be raised together until both hands are straight above the head. The tension of this move will be felt in the core and lower torso more than the arms, so if this isn’t happening, the feet can be walked back so more of the weight is held up by the straps. Remember, all exercises that raise the arms over the head should never bring the arms past the ears, since this can lead to shoulder injuries. This toning workout move should be repeated 12 times per cycle.

Tone Your Body: Glute-Raise Hamstring Curls

For the next move of the toning workout, the user should lie face up on the floor and loop a handle of the KB Duo around each foot. The hands should be placed palms-down at the sides for balance, and when in position, the body should be raised off the floor at the hips, so the straps are supporting the entire body up to the chest.

When the hips have been raised, the knees should be bent and drawn toward the chest, so the straps are swung forward. Then the knees should be straightened and the straps should swing back. For the duration of all 12 reps of this move, the hips should not fully return to the floor. This toning workout exercise is very demanding and places a great deal of tension on the hips, glutes and core. As with all of these exercises, proper technique will bring faster results.

Tone Your Body with a Complete Resistance Workout

For more information about the KB Duo suspension training system, visit Kbands The site provides a wide range of video workouts like this one that can help users get the most out of an advanced set of suspension and resistance training equipment. Resistance training moves like these add an element of tension and balance that can take any workout plan to the next level. Find out more about how the Kbands, KB Duo and KB Powerbands can help users shed pounds, gain strength, and improve their performance in almost any sport.


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