How to Get Six Pack Abs: The Pike And the Ab Roller


How to Get Six Pack Abs: The Pike And the Ab Roller

If you are looking for ways to get a six pack and increase visible definition around the contours of the stomach may run into obstacles unless they choose targeted abdominal exercises and combine those exercises with great nutrition. The exercises demonstrated in the video below can support a well-rounded workout plan that targets the abs and core.

Get a Six Pack: Start from the Beginning

First, it’s important to note that the fascia, or connective tissue, that runs across the abs in the shape of a familiar grid is naturally tighter for some people than for others. While some people can reveal deep visible lines with minimal effort, others may work for years and show only a faint outline. Beyond a certain point of fat loss and strength building through intense abdominal exercises, genetics will play an important role in the appearance or absence of a six pack.

But in order to give nature every opportunity, those of you who are trying to get a six pack should approach the process through a combined program of abdominal exercises, cardio workouts that elevate the heart rate, and healthy eating habits.

It’s also a good idea to remember that fat loss is not a targeted process. While you can gain strength and tone in the arms by doing arm exercises, or tone the legs by doing leg exercises, targeted exercises can’t control fat loss in specific areas of the body. When the body decides to tap into fat stores and burn that fat for energy, it does so according its own plan, and leg exercises are just as likely to deplete fat from the legs as they are from anywhere else.

Since the body is typically reluctant to deplete fat from the abdominal area (possibly for survival reasons related to the protection of our internal organs), a thin layer of fat often remains in place over the abs even after fat stores in other parts of the body have been used up. When you remove this fat, you will finally get a six pack, since the thin layer no longer obscures the visible lines of fascia and connective tissue over the abs. But this fat removal can’t be accomplished through abdominal exercises alone. It requires a healthy diet and an intense workout plan that brings the heart up to about 50% of its maximum rate and keeps it there (in the “fat burning zone”) for as long as possible.

For a few examples of the kinds of abdominal exercises that can accomplish this goal, you should consider the demonstration in the video below.



Abdominal Exercises: Ab roller

The ab roller requires a small patch of floor space, the KB Duo and an overhead anchor point, like a squat rack. Once the KB Duo is attached to the anchor, the straps should be adjusted so they hang down to a point just a few inches above the floor. yous should hook their feet into the straps and lie face down with their weight supported by their elbows.

When they’re ready to begin this set of abdominal exercises, you should straighten out and distribute their weight evenly between their elbows and the straps around their feet. Keeping their backs straight, like a plank, you should rotate at the shoulders and glide the body forward.

During this set of abdominal exercises, it’s important to keep the back straight. Those who are trying to get a six pack will compromise their results--and possibly risk back pain-- if the rear end creeps up or sinks toward the floor. If these abdominal exercises are done properly, you should feel a strong pressure in the core and obliques.

This first set of abdominal exercises should be repeated ten times, and should be followed immediately by the next set with no rest period in between.


Abdominal Exercises: Pike

During this next set of abdominal exercises, the body will be drawn up into the pike position, which will increase the pressure on the abs and challenge the body as you work to stay balanced and straight.
Without removing the straps or pausing for a rest, yous should bend at the waist while keeping both the back and the legs perfectly straight.

As the body rises up into the pike position, the pressure will increase on both the upper and lower abs. you should keep up a steady pace but stay in control as they lower the body and straighten back out into the plank position. This set of abdominal exercises should be repeated ten times.

After a full set of ten ab rollers and ten pikes, you should pause and rest for fifteen seconds without taking their feet out of the straps of the KB Duo.

Get a Six Pack with Suspension Training and Great Nutrition

Suspension training offers a wide range of benefits for those of you who are trying to get six pack abs. As the body moves through each of these abs exercises, you are challenged not just to complete the move in question, but also to maintain balance, coordination and control. The muscles involved in these tasks are important contributors to definition and fat loss, and these small refined muscle groups aren’t always taxed by standard weight lifting alone.

Nutrition also plays a role in six pack development. If you are trying to increase definition in the abs area should consult the weight-loss section of the Kbands Training website (KBands and should pay close attention to daily caloric intake verses caloric burn. They should take every opportunity to cut fat by exercising portion control and timing meals in a way that regulates blood sugar.

Meal and snack choices can also contribute to a defined six pack. You should replace fatty red meats with lean proteins like chicken, eggs, nuts, and fish, and they should steer clear of processed grains in favor of whole grains like oatmeal and rice. Green vegetables and colorful fruits can also help with six pack development, and you should always choose water over sugary soft drinks.



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