How to Break a Habit | Bad Habit to Good Habit


How to Break a Bad Habit

Exercise and eat right.  Exercise and eat right.  Exercise and eat right.  Do you hear and do the same things over and over?  Life is made up of a variety of habits that are both good and bad.  We all have good habits and we all have bad habits.  Another way to put it is that the behavior becomes automatic.  We no longer think about it, we just do it or eat it.  A lot of people have a hard time losing weight or getting into shape because they try to remove their bad habits without replacing them with something good.  Most people have the good  habit of brushing their teeth, but then the bad habit of not flossing.   We can think of this in the area of exercise or even the foods we eat.  People must think about the things that they really enjoy eating and find other foods to replace them that are low in calorie, low in carbs, and enjoyable to eat that satisfies the individual’s temptations.  This does not always have to be replacing food with food.  It can also be replacing food with something to occupy time.  For instance, sitting at home with nothing to do.  Instead of going to the kitchen, go for a walk or jog.  The idea is to slowly evolve the way of life into a healthy lifestyle that is going to change the way of doing things.  If a person is unhappy with the way things are then changes must be made.  Do not just continue with the bad habits but replace them with good habits and start moving forward with them. 


Bad Habits Must Go

This seems easier said than done.  The best way is to start with something realistic and build from there.  Knocking out all bad habits at one time is not likely to happen.  Start with a few small ones and build from there.  Set goals!  For instance, snack on nuts or other protein instead of a bag of chips and cookies.  Take a walk instead of lying on the couch.  It is important to remember not to just attempt to remove the bad habit but replace it with a good habit.  Often a person who is trying to quit smoking uses chewing gum instead.  Breaking a bad habit is often difficult and that is why replacing it with something good is so important.  When replacing a bad eating habit think about how the bad habit makes you look, feel and how it affects your health.  Then remind yourself that the replacement will help you look and feel better.


Bad Eating & Drinking Habit


Replace with Good Habit


Drinking Soda

Eating processed foods

Eating large portions

Starving until dinner

Eating Fried Foods

Fast Food For Lunch

Ice Cream



Drink Water

Eat fresh vegetables and meats

Eat small to medium portions instead

Eat small portions up to 5 times per day

Eat Baked Foods

Bring 2 small meals to eat when at work

Diet Cherry Limeade 

Taking a Walk


The list above is of small changes that can make a big difference.  Bad eating habits that are replaced with good eating habits last longer because they become a lifestyle instead of a crash diet. Replace French fries with a side salad. Cook with olive oil instead of fatty oils. Choose grilled meat instead of fried. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Instead of walking slow pick up the pace, and workout with another person to stay accountable.

Replace Bad Habits with Good Habits

Daily Calorie Totals:  By replacing bad eating habits with good eating habits calorie intake is reduced. By reducing daily calorie intake the body begins burning stored fat because of the deficit.  It is important to keep track of the amount of calories taken in each day to make sure the individual sticks to their calculated amount.  Each person is different and the amount of calories per day varies.  It also allows a person to calculate how many calories need to be burned in exercise for healthy weight loss.  If a person knows the amount of calories they have consumed in carbohydrates, protein and fat then they will be able to make adequate replacement choices in order to achieve their goals.  

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