How Kbands Will Increase Basketball Player's Performance


Basketball Training (Improve vertical jump, speed, and agility)

Do wish you could dunk? Are other players burning you down the court? Are you getting beat time after time on defense? We here at Kbands Training are here to help.  If you are dedicated and want to be the best basketball player you can be, we have answers.  

Use Kbands to Improve Jump Height for Basketball Players 

To improve jump height basketball players must train for power.  They must have a strong core and explosive legs. When weight training, it is important basketball players spend much of their time completing full body core lifts. (Power Cleans for example) Make sure to keep reps between 2-5, and work to move the bar as fast as possible.  The weight lifted should be near 75% - 85% of each players max.  Work for power and quickness to become a better jumper. 

As for sport specific training, use Kbands. These leg bands add resistance to every movement while still allowing each basketball player to explode in basketball specific movements. As soon as you strap Kbands around your legs your glutes begin firing. The glute, calf, and thigh muscles are the big contributors to jump height so use Kbands to train your glutes and improve your vertical.  




Increase Basketball Players Speed with Kbands Training

To increase speed, a basketball player must increase either stride length, stride frequency, or both.  Adding resistance to a runners stride has been used to improve stride length for years through weighted sleds, parachutes, and resisted partner sprints. Kbands give basketball players the opportunity to increase stride length with every resisted stride. The difference between Kbands and the other methods is Kbands are convenient and basketball players are not limited to linear, or straightforward running. Rarely do basketball players move down the court and not change direction. Basketball players must be able to hesitate, change direction, and accelerate up the court.  Put Kbands in your bag and get the speed results you are looking for. Athlete Performance Pack will give basketball players a complete program to increase speed in only five weeks.

Be a Better Defender with Agility and Footwork Training 

To be a great defender, basketball players must be able to move laterally quickly and effectively. Weak hips and poor footwork will limit a defenders ability to guard no matter how hard they work. We here at Kbands Training take pride in our ability to help basketball players gain the hip strength and stability to get to the next level. We use Kbands to build strength and explosive power in these hard to reach areas.  Train lateral movements with Kbands and you will be sure to notice the difference in competition. 

Basketball players should use Trevor Theismann’s Core and Speed Training Program to build the essential muscles needed to maximize each player’s performance. 


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