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Can You Spot Reduce Fat On Your Gut-Kbands Live 151

We get asked the question a lot, “How do I spot reduce the fat on my stomach so I can see my 6-pack?” How many crunches or sit-ups do I need to do to make that fat disappear? Sorry to tell you but spot reduction of fat is not possible. It is not possible to crunch away fat on your stomach or do enough lunges to make your thighs smaller. Studies have shown that fat leaves the body in the reverse order in which it came on. So, if your belly got fat first, it will be the last place that you will lose it. This is strictly based on your genetic code. Think of it as “first on, last off.” I know it sucks!

You must change your eating routine so you are eating fewer calories each day. One tip we use to gauge our food portions is our hands. Open both hands and think of the left side as a protein serving and the right hand as a fruit/vegetable portion. Eat no more than this amount at each meal. Watch the video to get more eating tips and other nutritional advice. Complete the Kbands Live Fitness 151 to help build your muscles.




So How Do I Lose Fat Off My Stomach?

By now you know you can’t spot reduce any one specific problem area you might have. Whether it be your stomach, love handles, large thighs, fatty arms, or even your neck. The only way to reduce the fat in these areas is to reduce your calorie intake and work to tone the muscles in these areas so they will look better when the fat is gone. To lose fat you must reduce your calories each and every day. To lose 1 pound of fat you must consume 3500 fewer calories than the amount needed to maintain your body. There are tips you can follow that will help you in your fat loss journey.

• Use the hand test as described above. We have found this to be the easiest and very effective when working to lose body fat. Eat a protein and a vegetable portion that would fill each hand. When this amount of food is gone, STOP eating!
• The hand test will help you eat smaller portions and in turn fewer calories. Consuming fewer calories will help you achieve your 3500-calorie deficit required to lose 1 pound of body fat.
• Stop eating sweets. For some of you this will be hard. Sugar affects your brain pathways just like addictive drugs. It is addictive. And don’t think of just sugar or candy, though this is a good start. Sugar is placed in a lot of foods to help with taste and preservation. Read the ingredients on food packaging. If it contains high fructose corn syrup, or other such ingredients, it contains sugar. Another tip when reading ingredients is to notice when the ingredient is listed. Items listed first are in greater quantities than items at the bottom.
• Review the guidance in the KBT Nutrition guide on the site. It will help educate you on portions, choices, when to eat, and various other food topics.

Any Other Effective Ways To Lose Body Fat?

Of course, there are lots of different approaches to eating and methods for losing body fat. One method is increasing the amount of time between meals. One easy example is to try to have a larger window of no food after dinner and before breakfast (or whatever this window is for you). This increased time with no food gives the body more time to go to its’ fat reserves when it needs energy. For example, you eat dinner at 6 PM then nothing else during the evening. No snacks, soft drinks, ice cream or cookies. Not even fruits or vegetables. You should also try to push your breakfast or morning snack back to mid-morning. Don’t eat first thing upon wakening. During this time with no food the body will go to its’ fat stores for energy. This will help you burn calories and torch body fat.

Here is some additional guidance if you track all of your calories consumed and exercise calories burned in some kind of app. First, you should know we don’t think that it is necessary to track calories consumed if you follow the hand guidance described above. Second, if you are tracking your exercise calories burned, then NEVER eat into these calories. By this we mean if the app says you burned 400 calories from exercise, then you think you have extra calories to consume. Our experience has shown if you eat into these exercise calories you will never lose body fat. The fitness trackers are not giving you completely accurate calories burned. To prove this, compare the calories shown as burned on your Fit Bit or your Apple Watch and what shows on the treadmill. None of them agree. These are merely relative values not absolutes based on complex algorithms.

Develop a consistent exercise program that is challenging, spikes your heart rate, and reduce the calories you consume. Remember this is a new lifestyle. The weight didn’t go on over-night and it won’t come off quickly either. Keep a positive attitude. Set realistic goals and milestones to measure your progress. Celebrate your successes as you achieve them. Don’t beat yourself up and give up because you had a bad day or week. Re-commit to the new lifestyle, and continue to lose body fat, improve your overall health, and know you are improving the quality of your life.


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