How Can I Exercise My Legs At Home With Resistance Bands


Modern Spin To Traditional Exercises

We all have basic understanding of some basic types of workouts like split squats, triple lunges and jumping jacks. These exercises are very basic yet very effective for developing basic strength and stamina. However, these simple exercises while being performed at home can be made to yield even better results if they are performed with Kbands leg resistance bands. These bands can be used by anyone, and the use of the Kbands leg resistance bands provides much more muscle activation and hence more muscle stimulation than what would be provided by simple routine workouts.



How To Perform Jumping Jacks With Kbands Leg Resistance Bands?

There is nothing very complicated in performing the aforementioned exercises with Kbands leg resistance bands. To perform jumping jacks with Kbands leg resistance bands, simply strap on the resistance band at the level of resistance, which you feel comfortable with. Kbands leg resistance bands will give you more muscle activation through your hips. While performing the traditional jumping jacks with resistance, the focus should be on the range of motion that can be achieved with arms. Therefore longer movement of arms should be executed to achieve greater movement of the shoulders. The legs should be spread out and the arms should be kept straight with the aim of taking them as high as you can. The body posture should be upright and the movements of the body have to be more elaborate. To get your body moving, complete four sets of four minutes each.



How To Perform Triple Lunges With Kbands Leg Resistance Bands?

The basic process for the workout is simple and we will start with working out with one dominant leg before we move on to the other. Strap on the Kbands leg resistance bands just above your knees at a comfortable resistance. Extend and stretch out in a nice front lunge while maintaining a good posture. While doing so, make sure that your chest stays high. Do not slouch and open your shoulders wide. Drop down the hips and the knees should stay behind the toes. The movements should be sharp. Thereafter, break the lunge and explode back up and then we will move out to the side. As you do so, complete the side lunge with the hips driving back. Try to keep the knees behind the toes and come back to the center point again. Finish the workout by sliding down to the backside and continuing around the circle for 20 repetitions. Before you move on to the second leg, complete 20 total rounds. Perform two complete sets of triple lunges on both the legs. Once you begin the workout, try not to take rest as you switch between the legs and power through the entire workout.



How To Perform Split Squats Exercise With Kbands Leg Resistance Bands?

While performing the splits with Kbands leg resistance bands, we will move our arms up to gain momentum with our legs and while doing so we will try to accelerate off the ground. To begin the workout, take a nice long lunge while stretching out the resistance bands. Throw your hands and then flip through your feet. This workout will help you achieve the much-needed explosiveness. Through each individual split squat we will switch through and we will try to power up in the process. This entire set is short as the heart rate shoots up due to the high intensity of the workout. This workout requires your maximum effort. The movement of your arms should also be powerful and we will perform the workout for 15-20 seconds and keep switching between the legs. You should consciously take care of your chest position. Keep your chest back and upright and accelerate through the workout for up to four sets.

How Do Kbands Leg Resistance Bands Help Amplify The Output Of The Workouts?

Kbands help in the activation of the muscle fibers of the legs. Kbands leg resistance bands come in a variety of resistances and anyone who is trying these bands for the first time should begin with the smallest resistance. As you grow increasingly accustomed to one particular level of resistance, you can switch to the next subsequent level of resistance. Training with resistance not only helps in increasing strength and stamina, it also helps in increasing the muscle resilience. Good muscle resilience is required to exercise better and also avoid any injuries or aches due to training. Also, resistance training has been shown to greatly help in increasing the acceleration on the field. One of the very important things that are required by athletes is explosiveness and use of Kbands leg resistance bands can help you achieve that even when you train at your home.

All budding athletes should keep one thing in mind. It is very important to listen to your body. Though it is sometimes good to push yourself beyond your normal limits, you should stop if something does not feel right. As you begin to train, be mindful of how your body is reacting to the resistance. If you are not comfortable with certain level of resistance, try to decrease the resistance. Warm up properly before any intensive workout session and once you are finished with the workout cool off the muscles also.

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