Full Body Toner

Full Body Toner
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The Full Body Toner was created for the person on the move. Take 30 minutes out of your day to tone your body from head to toe with exercises that are proven to sculpt. Combining the amazing muscle activation benefits from our Upper and Lower Body Kbands you will feel the results. Fire muscles with ease and efficiency with your chosen level of resistance bands. If you have a TV then you all you need to begin sculpting your body and getting that "look" you have been searching for. Tone your shoulders, back, chest, biceps, triceps, and abs with every full body workout. Achieve your goals when you get started today. 

Full Body Toner


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Upper Body Kbands 

Tone your chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back easily with Upper Body KB PowerBands. With three levels of resistance bands included with every purchase you will find the level of resistance you need to get rid of those flabby arms fast. No need for packs and packs of different resistance bands. With the three different length resistance bands included you will find endless exercises to give you that toned upper body you have always wanted. Move through the Full Body Toner DVD or our continuously growing online full body workout blog to help keep things fresh.

Full Body Toner

Stretch     Dynamic Warm Up    

3 1/2 Minute Abs

Improve your flexibility and during every stretch in this segment. Trevor will challenge your range of motion and help your body get ready for the upcoming exercises.      Increase your heart rate and get your body ready to tone through the full body exercises to come. This warm up exercise routine combined with the stretch segment will have you ready to rock.      The resistance added by Kbands will show you 3 1/2 minutes of abs is all you need to feel the burn. Tone your abs from top to bottom with resistance. Each muscle will begin toning during every exercise. 


5 Minute Butt


5 Minute Cardio


  Upper Body Toning
You will never get a better butt exercise than with Lower Body Kbands. Each resisted exercise will give you more shape with less effort. You can't help but see the results from our lower body leg bands and Trevor's butt targeting  exercises.      This upbeat exercise routine will get the sweat pouring. Tone your lower half with our leg bands while Trevor jumps your heart rate to the fat burning zone for better muscle definition. Continue to challenge the pace through every set for maximal results.      Tone your upper body in minutes as you work through a complete upper body exercise routine. Work the chest, triceps, biceps, back, and shoulder with our Upper Body Kbands. They are very diverse and you will find the freedom to choose from an array of different upper body exercises. 



Lower Body Kbands

These leg bands have been taking the world by storm with their innovative style and result producing abilities. As soon as you strap on Kbands you will feel the resistance. The added resistance will fire the muscles in your butt, hips, thighs, hamstrings, and core while still allowing you to move through full range of motion. Kbands are made to fit comfortably just above the knee with two levels of resistance bands so that you will find the resistance you need to get results fast. Run through the Full Body Toner DVD and find yourself feeling the burn in all the right places. Kbands target all the hard to reach places that weights and gym equipment just can't get to. With your purchase you will also have access to our continuously growing full body workouts found on the web. 




Full Body Toner

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Buy our Full Body Toner

Full Body Toner 

 Full Body Toner

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