Food is Power | Pre and Post Workout Nutrition


Food is Power

Food is Power  may seem like a strange title since people everywhere are dealing with issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity because of poor food choices.  Reaping the greatest rewards from a workout depends upon pre and post-workout nutrition, so for those of you who are ready to get the best possible results out of your workout, then Food is Power.  Pre and Post nutrition gives the body what it needs at the right time.  Failing to provide the body with the necessary proper nutrition hinders muscle gain.  Kbands resistance training sessions last for about an hour but the couple hours before and after the workout provides the opportunity to enhance a person’s goal reaching potential by getting the best results out of their workouts.  This is the time that the body is most acceptable for nutrition that will enhance muscle growth.  The muscles grow and recover the best based on what the body consumes before and after working out.  The right foods and the right amount will help a person get the best results out of their workout. The benefits and quality of workouts go hand in hand with pre and post-workout nutrition.


Pre- Workout Meal

The second most vital meal of the day is the pre-workout meal. The pre workout meal is when the body prepares for what it is going to endure.  Throughout a workout the body is looking for energy. Carbs and proteins are often the first place the body goes to for energy. Every time muscles move, they are feeding on readily available stores of energy from the food we eat. In turn, a pre-workout meal is best served with complex carbohydrates and a good source of fast acting protein. These foods should be consumed in a two hour window before a workout. Ideally closer to the workout is better, but some people have problems working out on a full stomach so more time is needed before working out after a meal. This is a prime example why professional athletes will eat pasta before competition. They store up the carbs to be used during the game for greater output.  During post-workout nutrition consume a balance of complex carbs and protein as well. Focus mainly on carbs before a workout and focus on mainly protein after a workout.  

The amount of protein each person should consume is based on their body weight and level of activity. Generally, someone looking to put on muscle mass should consume 1.6-2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to promote muscle growth throughout the day. This number should be then divided out by the number of meals this person is consuming each day. Someone who weighs 200 pounds should consume between 160-200 grams of protein each day. This would equate to approximately 50 grams of protein in a post workout meal. A great way to maintain a high protein diet is by supplementing a good lean whey protein shake.  

Pre-Workout Food Options:  whole-grain toast, oatmeal, fresh fruit, egg, turkey sandwich, energy bar 

Every person’s body is different.  Figuring out what pre-workout foods are best for you may take a little time.  It is important to find what works best for YOU.  People sometimes find out that certain foods cause nausea for them if eaten before a workout while others may find a certain food leaves them feeling heavy.  If you workout in the afternoon and have already had lunch then yogurt or a piece of fruit may be sufficient.  The time of workout may make a difference.  Eating too little could leave you feeling weak and eating too much may cause dragging.  Listen to your body.  It will tell you if something isn’t working or needs adjusting.  

Post-Workout Meal | A closer Look

The post workout meal is the most important meal of the day.  The reason for Kbands resistance training is to manipulate the muscles into breaking down and then building back up. It’s the time after a workout that the muscles try to rebuild themselves in order to be strong enough to withstand the forces that they endure.  Good post-workout nutrition is necessary so that the muscles have what they need in order to rebuild.  Just as a builder needs materials to build a house, muscles need good post-workout nutrition to become stronger, more flexible, and more mobile.  

Carbohydrates help give energy and take the soreness out of muscles while protein will help promote muscle growth and heal broken down muscles from a workout. Give the body what it needs and it will produce better results.  The faster the body gets good post-workout nutrition the faster it will begin using it to complete the task of rebuilding. It is important to realize that good post-workout nutrition gives muscles the fuel they need to become stronger and bigger. For those who are interested in mass muscle, then the post-workout meal should be about 25% of their daily calorie intake and include quality carbs and protein. 

Post-Workout Food Options:  chicken, rice, tuna, steamed vegetables, egg whites, whey protein

Make sure to drink a lot of water while working out because the body needs it to stay hydrated.  Try to drink 2-3 cups before and after each workout and at least 1 cup every 20 minutes of your workout.  A sports drink will also replace the electrolytes that are used up while sweating during workouts.  Water is necessary for the body to transfer glucose to cells and get rid of the waste of cells.

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