Focus on Cardio to Lose Weight


Focus on Cardio to Lose Weight

During different varied periods of rest, exercise, and intense exercise, the body activates different types of metabolic processes in order to use stored energy in the most efficient way. Some of these processes burn simple sugars that flow through the blood right after we eat. Some burn glycogen stored in the liver or muscle tissue. And during the process of most interest to those who are trying to lose weight, sometimes the body breaks open reserves of body fat and burns that fat away as energy. This process is usually activated when the heart rate reaches a zone between 40 and 65 percent of its maximum rate. Trainers and exercise experts call this the “fat burning zone”.

To push the body into the fat burning zone and keep it there as long as possible, it’s necessary to focus on cardio exercises that target the heart above any other muscle. Weight lifting and resistance training can tax the heart, but the most effective cardio weight loss exercises tend to be those that engage the entire body and move at a rapid pace.

Follow along with the Kbands Trainers during the intense cardio set in the video below. This routine involves several different exercises designed to target muscle groups around the body, but all of these moves maximize the body’s fat burning potential and emphasize cardio weight loss.

Cardio Weight Loss: Jumping Jacks

The first fat burning exercises in this superset are simple, familiar jumping jacks. But the added resistance of the Kbands attached to the upper legs can take this move to the next level of difficulty. So can the addition of speed. During a twenty second period, try to complete as many jumping jacks as possible, but don’t compromise technique. Keep the feet wide and complete a full range of motion with every jump.


Cardio Weight Loss: Squat Jumps

Without pausing, move immediately into the next set, a series of squat jumps. The hands should stay on the hips while the right leg moves back and the body drops into lunge position. Then quickly jump into the air while reversing the right and left leg and landing in lunge position with the left leg pushed back. Keep jumping and reversing as many times as possible during a ten second period.

Cardio Weight Loss: Rest Periods

Complete another set of umping jacks for twenty seconds, followed by another set of squat jumps for ten seconds. The entire round, a double repetition of both sets, should be follow by a ten second break. After ten seconds of deep breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, jump into a repeat of the entire cycle: twenty seconds of jumping jacks, ten seconds of squat jumps, twenty more of jumping jacks and a final ten seconds of jumps.

After the second complete cycle, the heart should be working at its maximum rate. At this point, it’s time for an extended break of at least a full minute to allow the heart to drop slightly, but not fully, toward its resting rate. Breathing should be deep and come from the diaphragm. Take this opportunity to stretch and shake out tight muscle groups in the legs and shoulders. Small sips of water are okay at this time, but don’t drink enough to cause cramping during the rest of the fat burning exercise set.

Cardio Weight Loss Set: The Second Round

For this next round of fat burning exercises, start with another twenty second set of jumping jacks, but be ready to skip the squat jumps in exchange for a new move that works the legs and hips. The hips are a core area for agility, strength and flexibility, and as the hips gain strength, they contribute to the success of workouts focused on every other area of the body.

For twenty full seconds, hold the arms in the air at right angles and lift the left knee and then the right knee up toward the elbows. A big range of motion helps get results from this exercise, but expanding your range of motion may take a little practice, so set your own pace. After twenty seconds, head back into another twenty second set of jumping jacks.

Follow the jumping jacks with another twenty seconds of knee lifts. Then go back to jumping jacks again for another twenty seconds. Follow this with twenty more seconds of lifts and a final thirty second jumping jack set. Then take a well-deserved break.

Cardio Weight Loss Set: The Third Round

After at least a full minute of rest, knock out another cycle of jumping jacks and then move into the next exercises, called RDLs. Raise your right leg into the air behind you while keeping your knee straight and driving your heel toward the wall. As you do this, bend forward at the waist and reach toward the floor, keeping your back straight and level. Repeat this move while alternating legs for a full minute. Keep up a steady pace, but don’t rush. Maintain control at all times.

Pause for another quick set of jumping jacks, then another cycle of RDLs for a full minute. Finally, it’s time for the home stretch. Blast through one more cycle of each of the moves in the exercise, broken by a set of jump jacks each. That means jumping jacks, squat jumps, jumping jacks, knee lifts, jumping jacks, more knee lifts, jumping jacks, a minute of RDLs, and one last and final thirty second round of jumping jacks.

This twenty-minute set of exercises will feel long, but come across the finish line with power and energy. Dig deep and push yourself through the final round without slowing down or losing control over your technique. If you can complete this entire superset of fat burning cardio moves a few times a week, you’ll be on your way to great results. For more information about cardio workouts or Kbands training equipment, visit Kbands


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