Defensive Drills To Help You Shut Down An Offensive Player

Defensive Drills To Help You Shut Down An Offensive Player

The ability to shut down an offense of player is an important part of team athletics. If you individually cannot stop your opponent, then your team will suffer. The best offense of players have the ability to read and react to an offense of players movements. Defensive players then have to have the ability to excel array to the side as well as running backwards in a 45° angle. The best defenders can open their hips and accelerate in any direction while still reading the next movement of an offense of player. Utilize this drill to help build the skills necessary to be a better defender.



Defend, Reaction, Accelerate

During the first phase of this exercise athletes will learn how to change directions to medium level resistance, and then transition into an accelerated sprint out. This type of exercise will mimic the ability to intercept a pass or steel and then accelerate to an offense of position. Notice in the video as the athlete drops and quickly turns from each side of the cones. The athlete must open his hip quickly to accelerate forward. As the athlete reaches the end line, he will then sprint forward where he came from. Review this video several times so that you understand the proper foot work this drill requires.


Increase Speed With Kbands


Defending Also Requires Power

The second phase of this exercise incorporates the victory ropes. These are our power training aids. In the second phase of the video you will notice the athlete driving through the resistance of the victory ropes. The power required to accelerate through tremendous resistance will help build leg strength and quickness. You will still be required to change direction from left to right throughout the exercise.

Bookmark this page and head to the field. It’s time to get to work and take your training to a higher level. Improve your defensive skills today and compete at your best. 

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Victory Ropes

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