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Chest Workouts | Chest Exercises to Build Mass and Strength in the Upper Torso

Welcome back to the workout blog! During this session, we’ll be focusing on big chest development, and we’ll be burning the muscles of the chest and upper torso to increase overall strength and volume.

A few quick words about chest workouts before we begin:

  1. Chest workouts require patience, so don’t expect visible results within a week. The secret to a big chest lies in determination and a long term focus.
  2. This set of chest exercises will rely heavily on body weight. So if your technique is on track, the more body weight you have, the more resistance you’ll feel.
  3. Like any exercise plan, chest workouts will bring better results if they’re part of an overall routine that includes nutrition, sleep, and a healthy lifestyle.

Ready? Let’s get started.



Workout Reps Workout Sets

Dynamic Push-Up


KB-Duo Hugs 30 secs 3-4


Chest Exercises: The Modified Push-up  

Drop down into push-up position. Once you’re there, begin a typical push-up by bending your arms so your elbows lower to the mat. Just before your elbows touch the floor, slide your body forward, so your chest glides over the mat a few inches above the ground. To make the most of the move, walk your feet forward a bit the way I do in the video.

For an additional modification that you’ll be able to feel in your triceps as well as your chest, place your hands an inch or two closer together on the floor.

After gliding your body forward, raise your hips from the floor as you push yourself back up. In other words, compromise the push-up a bit to place prolonged strain on your chest area. Repeat this move no less than 8 times. For a really big chest, aim for 15 reps or more.

Chest Exercises: Hugs

Our next big chest-building move will require the use of the KB-Duo. Grip the handles of your suspended Duo, one in each hand, and lean backward until your body weight is fully supported by the bands. Again, greater body weight will support this move by placing greater strain on the chest. If you have body weight to spare, terrific. If not, the exercise can still help you build the big chest you’re looking for.

Once you’re leaning back fully (putting weight on your heels will help you feel more stable), cross the bands over your chest as if you’re hugging yourself. Alternate your arms, moving the left arm above right on the first rep and the right arm above the left on the next.

If you’re doing these chest exercises correctly, you should feel a strong squeeze in you pectorals. Make sure you’re pulling against your entire body weight; Don’t be tempted to stand up too straight, or you’ll let the bands sag and take the strain off your chest. For a big chest, keep repeating this move as you start to feel the burn. Do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds.

Within five to six minutes, you should be feeling the effects of these simple chest exercises. Take this challenge once a day or a few times a week depending on your chest workout goals. And as always, feel free to leave your thoughts and chest workout questions in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you. Enjoy the workout!


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