Chest Exercises

KB PowerBands Cross Punch

To build strength in your punches, use the KB Powerbands to increase resistance. Wrap the band around your upper back and hold a handle in each hand. Make sure the band runs under your arms (around your ribs) not outside your arms. With the band in place, your punches will involve a little extra tension. Try crosses, jabs, and uppercuts. Stay focused on your technique.



KB PowerBands Cross Over

The cross over can help build strength and size in your chest area, and if you’re using the KB Powerbands to create resistance, you can feel free to clip additional bands to the handles to make the move a little harder. Wrap the band around a pole and tuck one handle through the other. Holding the free handle, step away from the anchor point until the band is tight. If your right shoulder is closer to the anchor, hold the handle in your right hand. Stand with a wide, stable base and draw the handle across your chest. When you relax the band, don’t just let it snap back. Keep your chest tight and release the band slowly over a count of three full seconds.



KB PowerBands Fly

If you’re trying to build a big chest by working both sides at the same time, there’s no better or more balanced exercise than the fly. Wrap the KB Powerbands around a pole, and with your back to the anchor point, hold a handle in each hand. To form a stable base, plant one foot firmly in front of the other and lean forward slightly. Keeping your elbows straight, bring your hands together, then extend your arms wide and to your sides. As you widen your arms, don’t let your elbows move behind your shoulder line, since this can cause shoulder problems. Keep your elbows and shoulders on the same plane. To maximize the tension in your chest, widen your arms slowly over a count of three full seconds.



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