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Strength Training: Chest and Triceps Workout

Hi and welcome back to the Flex2Fit workout blog! I’m Shannon from Kbands, and today I’ll be taking you through a quick but intense chest and triceps workout. Chest exercise moves like these can help tone and tighten the muscles of your upper torso, and they can also build necessary strength in your core, shoulders, and triceps.

We like to use the Flex2Fit blog to show you fast, easy exercise sets you can do anywhere, including your own gym or your living room. But we also like to demonstrate some of the ways you can use resistance training equipment to maximize your results and increase the tension created by these moves. In this triceps workout and chest exercise set, I’ll be using the KB Duo. Follow my lead as I show you how to optimize your suspension training gear. Ready? Let’s get started.




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KB-Duo Half Push-up




Chest and Triceps Workout: KB Duo Half Push Ups

First, make sure your straps are in position. Attach the KB Duo to a sturdy anchor point over your head, and allow the straps to hang down just a few inches off the floor. Place your weight on your knees and lift your feet up so you can tuck them into the straps the way I have them positioned in the video.

When you’re ready and your feet are securely placed in the straps, place your palms on the floor in push up position. Your weight should be evenly distributed between your palms and your feet in the straps. Take a moment to make sure your back is perfectly straight. Don’t let it arch so your stomach drifts toward the floor, and don’t creep into a pike position in which your rear rises toward the ceiling.

While keeping your back straight, bend your elbows and head to the floor in a push up. Then come back up, but only halfway. Now drop back down again. Then come all the way back up. Fully down, halfway back up, fully down, all the way back up. Got it?

These half push ups using the suspension system are more difficult than regular push ups for a variety of biomechanical reasons. For one thing, your feet are raised off the floor, distributing more of your weight over your arms and upper body, so you’re lifting more weight than you are in a normal push up. Second, during this tricep workout, your body isn’t just working to hold you up—it’s also struggling to maintain a balanced position and a straight back, which activates dozens of the small supporting muscle groups that contribute to coordination and control. It isn’t easy, but you can do it. Keep going until you’re almost ready to drop.

When you feel yourself reaching your limit, stop at the halfway point and hold that half push up for as long as you possibly can. In other words, hold it until you fall to the floor. Then stop and rest for about 30 seconds to recover the strength in your arms, chest, and shoulders. Working your muscles to failure like this can help you build rapid strength and size in targeted areas.

For a complete tricep workout, do three sets of these chest exercises at a time. That means keep doing the half push ups to the point of failure three times, with rest periods in between. If you give each chest exercise set everything you have, it shouldn’t be long before you starting feeling and seeing some results. Leave your comments and questions in the section below, and as always, feel free to subscribe for more Flex2Fit blogs by clicking on the link above. Enjoy the workout!


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