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“Time to Get out of Your Comfort Zone”

By: Roberto Parker

One of my favorite radio programs to listen to is financial guru Dave Ramsey. Listeners regularly call up Dave’s show and ask the million dollar question “how can I get out of debt and become financially independent”? Dave’s normal response……..”change your lifestyle”. There is huge parallel between what Mr. Ramsey is espousing (financially related) and improving your health and fitness levels. In order to lose weight, tone up, improve energy, etc… you must change your mindset and get out of your comfort zone which will hugely enhance your lifestyle.

I attended a business seminar a few years ago and the keynote speaker was addressing goal setting and overcoming obstacles in one’s life. He mentioned something that has stuck with me like glue, “when you are ready to take action the activity will originate in the head, travel to the heart, and end up in the burning in your gut”. The speaker was stating that when you are “tired of being sick and tired” and it is adversely effecting your lifestyle you will take positive action.

Current USA Health

Lets take a look at the current state of the USA related to health. The Health and Fitness industry generates multiple billions of dollars annually consisting of:

  • Health clubs
  • Personal trainers
  • Sports trainers
  • Organic foods
  • Supplements
  • Training equipment
  • Books
  • Videos
  • Websites

With all the billions spent on the above venues the USA must  be the most fit country in the universe, right?  Not so fast my Friend!

2/3 of the USA population is overweight and 1/3 of the populous is obese. What is wrong with this picture? In the last 100 years the USA has transitioned from an agricultural society, to an industrial society, and currently an informational age society. With each societal transition we have become more sedentary due to automation and computerization. Currently the computer desk and chair are the number one work stations in our society. So what is the solution? We cannot turn back the clock 100 years and many would not want to live in a farming environment. 


The Solution

The answer is…..change your mindset and be willing to change how you manage your priorities and time. Have you ever noticed those individuals at the gym who have been doing the same workout routine for the past 2 years yet they really have not lost weight or put on muscle? I often said we are “brains with a body” not a body with a brain attached. The brain controls the body’s chemical, neurological, and neuromuscular functions, having said this, the brain is constantly attempting to place the body into a balance state called homeostasis. The brain/body systems adapts very quickly to a routine pattern of physical activity and/or dietary habits. You must trick the system by changing your daily patterns and routines which will slightly disrupt the homeostatic pattern, however it will pay huge dividends to your long term health and fitness. This will require you to be a little different than what the masses are doing.  If that intimidates you remember the statistic regarding 2/3 of Americans and being overweight. I would guess the majority of those 2/3 are probably creatures of the same routine day-in and day-out.

Getting back to Dave Ramsey, he has a great saying “live like no one else and one day you will LIVE like no one else”.

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