Building Strength and Tone in Your Triceps


Triceps Superset: Building Strength and Tone in Your Triceps

The triceps muscle is a long narrow muscle that runs along the back of the upper arm between the shoulder and the point of the elbow. While the biceps closes the angle of the elbow as it contracts, the triceps performs a kind of counter movement, straightening the arm at the elbow and working with the biceps to complete the full range of motion in the arm. The triceps can be a difficult muscle to tone, and as we age, the flesh around the triceps can become loose, so website visitors and athletes often contact the site looking for triceps exercise tips that can help target this tricky area.

Heavy dumbbells provide a traditional method, but simple weight lifting alone doesn’t offer the multidimensional benefits of suspension training. So in the video below, the Kbands trainers will demonstrate a few triceps exercises that can tone and tighten the upper arm the way only suspension training can. These moves don’t just require the muscle to repeat one motion over and over—They also develop balance, coordination and total arm strength by taxing the supporting muscle groups throughout the triceps area.

To complete this triceps superset, users will need to start by attaching the KB Duo suspension training system to an overhead anchor point, like the squat rack in the video. The straps should be adjusted so they hang just above the knee. Since they rely on body weight to provide tension, these triceps exercises are customized to individual body types and they can help tone, define and strengthen the upper arm for users at every fitness level.

Triceps Superset: Palms-Up Method

These triceps exercises can be completed in two forms, with the palms facing up or down. For the palms up method, users should start by holding the handles of the KB Duo in a vertical position in front of the body with the elbows bent. Then the body should lean backward at an angle so the user’s weight is supported by the arms.

To complete the triceps exercise, the user should straighten the arms at the elbow in a way that pulls the angled body upright into a standing position. The palms should begin by facing each other in front of the body and then they should move into a face-up position at the sides. All the tension of this move should be concentrated in the upper arms. If this isn’t happening, and the effort of lifting the body isn’t focused in the triceps, then the hips may be pushed too far back as the body is lifted. In this case, the hips should be pulled forward so the body line stays straight. Ideally, this triceps superset should cause an intense burn in the triceps area alone.

Once the arms are straight at the sides with the palms up and the body weight leaning into the triceps, users can begin to lean to lean back again and return to the starting point. But again, if the hips move backward, the body weight will transition from the triceps to the legs and the triceps exercise won’t be as effective. The lean should happen slowly and the straps should absorb the weight as this triceps exercise is completed.

These triceps exercises should be completed in eight to ten reps, for a total of six to ten sets.

Triceps Superset: Palms Down

The second phase of the triceps superset looks similar to the first, but with the palms in a slightly different position, the focus of the triceps exercise shifts and the pressure on the upper arm varies. Completing both of these moves in each triceps workout can help add tone, definition, and total balance to the upper arm area.

For this second set of triceps exercises, the handles should begin as they did in the first. The palms should be facing each other and the handles of the KB Duo should be vertical. As the body leans back and the weight becomes supported by the straps, the elbows should straighten and the hands should move down to the sides. But this time, the palms will roll inward. The index finger should come toward the body instead of away, and the palms should end in a downward facing position. This small difference should alter the feeling of pressure in the triceps, and both triceps exercises together should provide a full multi-dimensional workout for the upper arms.

This entire triceps superset should be completed with a partner if possible, so both users can trade off the bands and have a short rest period in between each of the three to six sets.

Tricep Exercises: Final Notes

As with any exercise, a triceps superset like this one will be far more effective if it’s paired with a healthy lifestyle, which means stress management and careful attention to nutrition. Users should take in plenty of lean proteins, whole grain carbohydrates, and colorful vegetables and fruits. A healthy lifestyle also means plenty of sleep and at least six glasses of water every day.

In the meantime, a well-rounded workout plan can put any body type on the fast track to better tone, improved strength, elevated sports performance and even improved breathing and circulation, which provide a cascade of lifelong health benefits. While ordinary weight lifting and cardio workout routines can help us reach these goals, suspension and resistance training provide a more complex and complete workout, since they tax multiple muscle groups at the same time and build strength while also developing balance and coordination.

For more information about how suspension training works and how simple devices like the KB Duo can take any workout to the next level, visit Kbands Training. com. Explore the training resources on the site and find out more about the suspension principles of the KB Duo and the resistance training benefits of the Kbands and KB Powerbands. And of course, feel free to reach out to the Kands trainers with questions and suggestions for future workouts.


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