Big Chest Workout Superset


Big Chest Workout Superset

Using the KB Duo to build chest strength can multiply the benefits of a simple workout in several ways, but the most important benefit has to do with angles. A body weight workout can be easy or hard, effective or ineffective, depending on the way the body is positioned. A very strong person with a lightweight body won’t gain the same benefits from a standard push-up as a heavier person with less strength in the arms and chest…But the KB Duo suspension training system helps and athlete angle the body in ways that easily overcome those kinds of obstacles and lay the groundwork for a powerful workout that’s customized to the user’s specific needs.

In the video below, the Kbands trainers demonstrate a big chest workout superset designed to build chest strength using only gravity and body weight for resistance. The moves in this set are simple and easy to execute, but when this workout is completed properly, and the athlete adjusts the angles of the body to meet his or her specific needs, the workout can be highly challenging and the results can be amazing.

This ten minute chest strength superset is built around two different moves: the atomic push-up and the hug. Athletes can attach the KB Duo to a sturdy overhead anchor point and then adjust the straps so they hang to a level a few inches above the floor. At that point, users can just follow along with the video a few times a week and begin building chest strength at a pace that fits individual body type and workout goals.


Big Chest Workout: The Atomic Pushup

The first move in this big chest workout superset is called the atomic push-up, a move that takes the principles of a simple, traditional push-up and modifies them so they multiply and magnify the demands placed on the muscles of the chest and core.

To begin this move, the user should drop to the floor in push-up position and, with the help of a partner, loop the straps of the KB Duo around each foot. Then with the palms flat on the floor, the user should elevate his body so his back is flat and straight and his weight is distributed evenly between his arms and his feet suspended in the straps.

The user then lowers his body to the floor in a push-up motion, and then pushes himself back up. Then, keeping his back flat and parallel to the ground, he bends at the knees, pulls the knees toward the chest, and swings his feet forward. When this is done correctly, the pressure of the move will be felt in the arms and chest, and also in the abs and core. After tucking his knees under his body, the athlete straightens out again.

For a big chest, this move should be completed for 10 to 15 reps at a time with rest breaks in between each set. But regardless of the number of reps, the most important element of success with this move with be technique and body control. To get the most out of this big chest workout, users should make sure the hips shouldn’t sag to the floor, the body line stays straight, and the limbs and torso stay under control. The closer the athlete comes to failure with each set of this move, the faster he’ll reach his chest strength goals.

Big Chest Workout: The Hug

The second move of this big chest workout superset is called the hug. For this powerful chest strength building move, the user will need to stand up and hold a handle of the KB Duo in each hand. Facing the anchor point, the user leans back until his standing body weight is supported by the straps.

When his position is stable, the user pulls himself upright by bending his arms at the elbow and crossing the forearms over the chest. The arms should stay straight as they cross and not curl inward, since this shifts the pressure away from the chest and into the biceps.

The position of the feet will play an important role in the success of this move. As the feet move closer to the anchor point, the angle of the body becomes more vertical, and as the feet move away, the angle is reduced until the user is nearly standing straight up. So users with more chest strength or higher body weight will gain more benefits from this move if they walk the feet in close and lean steeply backward, letting more of their body weight be held up by the KB Duo. Users looking for an easier chest workout can walk the feet back, raise the angle of the body, and reduce the weight placed on the chest.

But once the angle is established, the most important aspect of this move will be reaching the failure point. The hug involves no rep counts; athletes should just complete the move as many times as possible until they experience failure in the muscles of the arms and chest.

Big Chest Workout: Final Notes

This entire chest strength superset involves four total sets, with 10 to 15 reps of the atomic push-up followed by a hug set that continues to the point of failure. Between each of these sets, the user should rest for a minute to a minute and a half. Even if the rep goal hasn’t been met, users should stop and take a break if proper technique starts to fall apart, since bad form in this big chest workout can actually do more harm than good. Remember, adjusting the angles of the body can make the workout harder or easier to suit the needs of an individual athlete.

For more information about the KB Duo and how to maximize the benefits of suspension training, take a look at the products tab towards the top of the website. Our professional trainers are standing by to answer any questions you may have about sports training, body conditioning, and the mechanics behind suspension and resistance training systems.


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