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The Ultimate Biceps Workout Challenge

Welcome back to the blog! We’ve received a lot of questions about biceps lately along with some requests for a workout that blasts the biceps area, so with these comments in mind, I offer today’s workout: the ultimate biceps challenge.

If your biceps can handle this, they can handle anything.

For today’s biceps-targeting superset, we’ll be doing a series of wide and tight biceps curls using the KB PowerBands. We’ll complete seven runs of about 30 seconds each. If you need to rest between sets, go ahead and pause the video to stretch your biceps, but don’t rest for too long. The burn out (or burn down) approach will have us lifting almost to failure before stopping, with minimal rest time for the biceps muscles between sets. This will help generate the hypertrophy that increases biceps size.

Got your resistance band? Ready to blast your biceps? Let’s begin.




Workout Reps Workout Sets

Straight Curl



Wide Curl

10-12 7


The Ultimate Biceps Workout Challenge: Tight Biceps Curls

Stand on the resistance band and hold the handles using an underhand grip. With your arms in front of you and your elbows tight to your body, curl your biceps and raise your hands toward your chin. Complete the full motion ten times. Feel the burn in your biceps? Great. Now let’s shift to wide curls. 

The Ultimate Biceps Challenge: Wide Curls

Keep your elbows close to your torso, but rotate your arms to the side. The tighter your elbow stays to your ribs, the more pressure you’ll place on your biceps muscles, especially the outside of the biceps. Complete ten of these.

Now for the second set. Feeling the burn? Shake your biceps out a bit if you have to, but again, jump back into the workout as quickly as possible and you’ll get the most out of these intense biceps exercises.

The Ultimate Biceps Challenge: Second Set (of Seven)

Repeat the set from the top. But this time, as you complete the tight biceps curls with your arms in front of you, change it up a little. Try a series of quick, small biceps pulses within a narrow range of motion, then open the curl back to full length. Just don’t drag your arm across your chest, uppercut style. This places the pressure on your shoulders, and for now we want to keep all the resistance in the biceps to generate a good burn.

Ready for the wide set? Take it out to the sides and keep those biceps moving. As you complete the wide biceps curls, don’t extend your arm fully, since this can strain your elbow. Keep the burn focused on the biceps by keeping your elbow between a 90 and 45 degree angle.

So there you have it—repeat the simple moves of this ultimate biceps workout challenge five more times, for a total of seven. (If I can do it, you can too!) Maintain a fast pace, but don’t drop your technique. If you feel your form coming apart, slow down or lower your resistance. Just try not to pause for too long between sets.

At the end of this series, your biceps should be on fire. If they are, great work! Thanks for joining us today, and as always, feel free to subscribe above and leave your comments and questions in the comment section below.

Give those biceps a rest and we’ll see you in the next blog!


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