Best Chest and Bicep Workout


Best Chest and Bicep Workout

Hi, I’m Trevor Theismann and welcome back to the Flex2Fit video workout series! We’ve been hearing requests lately for resistance training workouts that can be done in pairs and teams. Viewers are asking for ways to work out with a friend or spouse, so in response, Tracy and I are here to walk you through a great routine you can do with a partner. In this case, we’ll be doing a combination chest workout and bicep workout that can help both of you get the most out of the KB duo and KB Powerbands.

Before we begin, we’ll be customizing the KB Duo and KB Powerbands to fit our own needs. Remember, the KB Powerbands are adjustable, with four detachable colored bands in each kit. Tracy’s choosing the yellow and green ones this time around, and I’ll be going with the blue and red. Let’s explain the moves first, and then we’ll jump into our chest workout and bicep workout.

Ready to blast your chest and biceps? Let’s get started.




Workout Reps Workout Sets

Bicep Curl




12-15 4


Bicep Workout Moves: Optimizing the KB Powerbands

As we start this bicep and chest workout, I’ll be out on the floor with the KB Powerbands. Follow along with me and place your feet on the center of the band, holding it tightly against the floor. With a handle in each hand, bend at the elbow and pull the handles up toward your chin in a classic bicep workout move, the curl. Your resistance should be customized so that you fail on this move at about 12 to 15 reps.

As you execute this move, make sure you stay in control. If you want to charge up your bicep workout, you can speed up a little, but don’t compromise your technique.

Bicep Workout and Chest Workout Moves: Using the KB Duo

As I complete the bicep curls, Tracy will be working with the KB Duo after attaching the straps firmly to the overhead bar on the squat rack. Follow along with her by adjusting the bands so they fall just a few inches above the floor. Drop into push up position and complete as many pushups as you can with a handle in each hand. Keep your elbows high so the straps don’t rub against your skin.

As you complete this part of the bicep and chest workout, try to control the natural wiggle that’s part of the process of suspension training. The more you control the vibration in the KB Duo straps, you more power you’ll be building in your core.

Bicep Workout and Chest Workout: Getting Started

Once you’ve got the moves down, complete four sets of both the bicep curls and KD Duo pushups. Move back and forth between the two stations, alternating with your partner. Work out heavily for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, then come back into the workout again with high energy for 20 more seconds. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

Completing this chest workout and bicep workout with a partner can be fun and can also provide a great way to stay motivated and accountable. But don’t take too long to trade positions between the KB Powerbands and the KB Duo, since these body weight exercises rely on speed, reps, and heart rate to effectively build strength and burn fat. Try not to find yourself resting for more than 10 seconds between sets.

As you move through this chest workout and bicep workout, keep an eye on each other, and let your partner know if his or her body position is slipping out of alignment. Offer plenty of encouragement, keep things positive, and keep moving.

As always, contact us with any questions you may have and keep us updated on your progress using the comment section below. You can also subscribe above to have more Flex2Fit videos delivered to your inbox every week. Enjoy the workout!


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