Best Bicep Exercises to Do at Home to Build Muscle-Kbands Live 158


Best Bicep Exercises to Do at Home to Build Muscle-Kbands Live 158

Let’s get ready for the Gun Show! You workout because you want bigger biceps. We are continuing our workout series, this week focusing on the best at home bicep exercise routine that will give you bigger guns. If you are lifting with consistency and not getting results then change what you are doing. Maybe 3 sets of 10 is not the way for you to gain muscle mass. It hasn’t worked for us. Follow the workout and get results.

In this at home Kbands Live Fitness workout we focus on your biceps. You complete a combination of the best bicep exercises in supersets and a ton of one bicep exercises until you feel like your arm is going to fall off. When completing the supersets, you will use the traditional 3-5 sets using a heavier weight. You will complete each set to failure, no more reps of 10-12. You will be surprised how this simple modification, each set to failure, will increase the blood to the bicep and have them full and growing at the end of the workout. In this bicep workout video, you will also complete individual bicep exercises. They will be done quickly, with a lighter weight, and so many reps they will feel like death and destruction. This is how you know they are working. Complete Kbands Live Fitness 158 and get ready for your guns to grow. If you consistently complete this workout routine you will be busting out of your shirt sleeves.




Why Are These Bicep Exercises Different?

These are the best bicep exercises because they are different. The rest periods are shorter. Shorter rest periods mean the muscle is under tension for a longer period of time. The body must send more blood to the area to support the bicep muscle as it completes each movement. Increased blood flow during the exercise translates into a muscle that has to grow.

The weights used in each set also varies. You will challenge your biceps with each new bicep exercise. You hit the biceps with different weights, different resistance, and different reps and sets every time you do a new bicep exercise. It is the variety and intensity in each bicep exercise that makes this workout one of the best to grow and develop the biceps. You are also hitting the long and short heads of the biceps to ensure you are developing a full and well-rounded bicep.

Finally, when we’re not completing a superset of bicep exercises, the individual bicep exercise will have you wanting it to be over, and soon. The You-Go-I-Go Plate Curls is the best bicep exercise because you do so many and so quickly. You will complete 7 sets of 15 reps using a moderate weight. It may not sound like much but at the end you will know you have destroyed your biceps and you’ll be excited to do it again another day. Why? Because you feel your biceps are on fire and you haven’t felt this way after any of your other bicep workouts. It’s working!

How Many Days a Week Can I Complete This Bicep Workout?

Complete this best bicep workout 3 or more times a week, if you can keep up and remain injury free. Remember, you don’t just have to do just one muscle group a day. We recommend that you work multiple muscles in the same workout. You will never get a well-developed body working only one muscle a day. This bicep workout can be paired with Kbands Live 157, Best Back Workouts, so you work numerous muscles the same day, maximizing your results. This muscle combination, biceps and back, is good because you are doing “pull” exercises for the muscles being worked.

When working your bicep muscles, or any other muscle, many times in the same week, make sure you listen to your body. Know the difference between muscle soreness and muscle pain. If increasing the workout frequency of your bicep exercise is causing pain, then definitely modify what you are doing. Cut back on the frequency of your workouts. Cut back on the weight used in your workouts. Cut back on the reps in each workout. If you start using this workout style you must always listen to your body. You know the difference between muscle soreness, from working out, and muscle pain, from injury. If performing an exercise causes pain to a particular muscle then back off. Don’t work that muscle the next day or complete a shorter or abbreviated workout. This is better than causing an injury which can stop your workouts completely while you recover. This bicep workout routine is the best because you can complete it more frequently and activate muscle growth.

You can work through muscle soreness by stretching and using the Recovery Foam Roller to complete the Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence. Muscle soreness can also be helped by ensuring you have completely warmed the muscle before you place it under the increasing load of the workout. The more you can complete this best bicep workout the greater gains in strength and bicep girth that you will see. Try to do it more than 2 times a week.

Will This Really Make My Biceps Grow?

This workout will make your biceps grow. At Kbands Live Fitness we believe you need to change your workout routine to get results. Working a muscle twice a week did not give us the gains and growth we worked every day to achieve. These bicep exercises are the best because of the modifications we discuss. These modifications allow you to complete biceps every day if you choose. Increase the weight or reps when you are feeling strong and pain free. Reduce the weights or reps if you have a nagging pain or the start of something. You have plenty of other muscles to work to develop a proportionate and well-defined body. Try this style of workout, increase your workout frequency, and notice the different in your bicep gains. Let us know if you begin to get the gains that we have seen.


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