Best Back Workout with Resistance Bands


Best Back Workout with Resistance Bands Benefits

The Fusion Cables Power Rows will give you the best back workout with resistance cables that you can do at home. They are great if you are new to fitness and want to get into shape. Or, if you are ready to up your training to ensure you get maximum benefit then the Fusion Cables are also great for you. The Power Rows will focus on your back and lats during this workout. These muscles are important to give you a nice V-shape from your shoulders to your waist. You want maximum resistance. Start by connecting the red cables to the top mount, blue cables to the middle mount and the black cables on the bottom mount. Of course you can use any configuration. Make sure you have great resistance and burn in the muscle while performing the exercise.



The Fusion Cables Home Training System is easily adjusted to change the resistance during the exercise. If your muscles are not on fire at the completion of the first set then take a step away from the mount. This quickly increases the resistance. If this is still not enough then simply add additional cables to your configuration. Likewise, if the resistance is too much and your form is compromised then step closer to the mount or drop one cable. The cables are easily modified to ensure you are getting maximum benefit from your workout. Make sure you are working to failure after each set.

Best Back/Lat Workout Form

No matter where you are using the Fusion Cables Home Training System while performing the Power Rows it is important that you focus on form. Keep your chest high and shoulders back. Stand square to the wall and do not lean forward. Also do not drive with the lumbar region of your back because this could cause an injury. Maintain a slight bend in your knees. Make sure that you are pulling with your back muscles, drive with your lats, and stretch your shoulders with every move. This will allow you to gain size in your back and lat muscles. The workout should be done with heavy resistance and high intensity to create a burn, build muscle, and shed calories.  

Remember your positioning during the workout. If possible, perform your workouts opposite a mirror so you can check yourself while working. If the resistance is too much you will find yourself being pulled forward. Then step closer to the wall because this reduces the resistance and corrects your form. You can also reduce the number of cables being used or use lighter cables. At the end of each set your muscles should be burning and you should be fatigued but your form should not be compromised. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Best Back Performance Repetitions and Sets

To set up the Power Rows with resistance bands use the same band configuration that you had during the Seated Row exercise.  Connect all the bands in the center to one handle and then position yourself 4 to 5 feet off the wall. Test this set up to ensure you can maintain good form while performing the exercise. This should be a heavy resistance level but will still allow you to have a very quick pace throughout the exercise.  

During this back and lat routine using resistance bands you will be performing 4 sets in total. You will perform 8 repetitions using the left-hand then quickly switch hands and complete eight reps using your right side before taking a 60 second break. Remember also to maintain good form and an upright body position. This will ensure you are working the intended muscles and getting maximum benefit. You should be working to failure with each set.



Best Back Performance Modification

You can easily turn this back and lat workout into another exercise or a burn down set. To set up the Single Arm Row with Fusion Cables simply unhook the handle from one side of the Fusion Cables Home Training System and use resistance bands from one side of the mount. Since the resistance is lighter we are going to increase the reps to 12 but reduce the sets to three with a 30 second rest between sets.  When you finish 12 reps you should be burning. If you're still not completely fatigued do several more reps to make sure you are working the muscles to failure. You can also step farther off the wall to increase the resistance. Remember this should be a much faster pace. Your form will be slightly modified. You will have a slight rotation in the body during the workout. Complete 12 reps on each side before taking a 30 second break. Complete a total of three sets in this burn down or modified back workout routine with resistance bands. You can easily attach up to ten resistance bands to get the best back workout with resistance bands. Let’s get started!


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