Best Back Exercises to Build Muscle at Home-Kbands Live 157


Best Back Exercises to Build Muscle at Home-Kbands Live 157

In this at home Fusion Cables workout we focus on developing your back muscles. You will see demonstrations of some of the best back exercises to build muscle at home. This workout, coupled with Kbands Live 156, will develop and define a chiseled torso people will notice. You workout for results. Kbands Live Fitness 157 walks you through the best back exercises that will build strength, improve your posture, torch your back muscles and have you proud of your results. Trevor will explain modifications or adjustments that can be made in your workouts so you get an extra 3-5 reps in each set. These extra reps will help take you to failure in every workout giving you greater gains for muscle development. The exercises are performed in supersets so these back exercises work the muscle longer. Watch the video and perform the reps and sets to tear up and develop your back muscles. Complete Kbands Live Fitness 157 and start building the back definition that will complement the chest muscles you developed in Kbands Live 156.




Why Are These Back Exercises So Great?

The back exercises demonstrated in the video are some of the best for back development for several reasons. First, they work more than just one muscle. For instance, the Straight Arm Pull in the first superset work your lats, traps, rhomboids, and even the shoulder. The workout allows you to get maximum gains from each rep and set and helps to make your gym time efficient and effective. Second, these back exercises work the back muscles from different angles. To fully develop your back muscles, you must hit them with different resistance, reps, and exercises to completely work each set of muscle. The rhomboids are composed of the rhomboid major and minor. If you don’t perform various exercises you will not fully develop this muscle set. This is true of many muscles in your back.

Actually, the entire body. The triceps are composed of three separate muscles, the biceps two separate muscles, and it continues throughout the body. Performing multiple back exercises will help ensure you are fully working each muscle helping to guarantee balance and symmetry in your physical development. Imbalances in muscle development can cause structural issues or body pains when muscles are not properly and evenly developed. One more reason is you want symmetry in your body. You don’t one body part to be underdeveloped in comparison to your other muscle groups.

Another reason, though not the last, these are some of the best back exercises is because they can be easily modified based on your strength, ability, and where you are in your fitness journey. The video starts and ends with two variations of a Pull-Up/Chin-Up. If you are not strong enough to perform a body weight Pull-Up, Trevor demonstrates using the Ballistic Band to help you with this exercise. If you are strong enough to perform a Pull-Up/Chin-Up then the modification shown in the video is a great way to get an extra 3-5 reps at the end of your set. These few extra reps at the end of each set will take your muscle burn and development over the top.

What Other Modifications Are There for These Best Back Exercises?

I just talked about one modification that allows you to complete an extra 3-5 reps at the end of each Pull-Up set using the Ballistic Bands. These modifications will help take these best back exercises over the top and have your feeling your gains the next day. A second modification which can help you add reps at the end of each back exercise set is using a spotter or working with a partner. When you fatigue from performing your Pull-Ups to failure, a partner can assist by pushing up on your shoulder blades. One other modification that you can make is working from a base. When you fail from performing the Pull-Ups, quickly put your feet down, use the base to help get you back to the top of the pull-up bar and then control your descent back down. These small modifications will help get you back up to the bar for several more reps. You will be amazed at how these few extra reps will take your muscle burn over the top. These final few reps are the money reps. They give you huge gains.

Why Work with Volume and Intensity While Performing These Back Exercises?

If you have followed our posts and completed the workouts you know we consistently work in supersets and tell you to work with volume and intensity. These back exercises are no different. The workouts performed in the video are supersets performed using the Fusion Cables Home Training System, Ballistic Bands, and barbell/dumbbells.

Supersets are exercises that are paired together and completed with no rest between the exercises. This training approach has the back muscles under tension longer for greater gains and growth. We also talk about lifting with volume and intensity. In weight lifting, and in this back workout video, volume is how much work you are doing. So, to work with volume means you perform as many reps as it takes to achieve failure during each back exercise. Volume also relates to how many different back muscles you are working in the same exercise session. These are the best back exercises because they work many of the back muscles in the same exercise while you complete each set to failure.

Intensity relates to how much energy or work is required to perform the back exercises. The higher your intensity during your back exercises determines how hard your body must work to compensate and move the weight or the Fusion Cables. The harder the muscles must work means the greater gains you will achieve in each and every workout session. Intensity also refers to how hard the back exercise is that is being performed. When completing these back exercises with volume and intensity you know you are working the most muscles, to failure, every time. This formula for weight training means you will achieve the greatest back growth for the time you are investing. So always work using supersets completing each and every set with volume and intensity.


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