Basketball Workout Program For Speed

Basketball Workout Program For Speed

Strength and conditioning are vital for basketball speed and using the Kbands equipment during this speed workout program will help to build explosive power. This basketball workout program for speed is going to the condition the muscle to react quickly and effectively during sport performance. It is designed to increase explosive movement. This is a speed workout program for basketball players looking to up their game in a very real way by challenging muscles and moving quickly through the exercises. Each exercise will be performed for multiple sets in order to build muscular endurance. Really explode through each movement to gain powerfully explosive leg and core muscles. Having a strong base in the legs and core are the key to quick movement. This speed workout program will allow athletes to gain basketball speed that is vital for changing direction during turnovers and reacting and being a effective defensive player as well as evading defenders.



Speed Workout Program: Kbands Speed Rope

Kbands Speed Rope is the first exercise of the speed workout program and will challenge the leg muscles as well as build endurance of the cardiovascular system. The Kbands Jump Rope is an amazing addition to this speed workout program, as it will force the user to push the body to circle the rope around more quickly. Perform the double-footed jump rope for 45 seconds. Move directly into the single leg jumps. Jump for 30 seconds on the right leg and then 30 seconds on the left leg. Finish out the set with 30 seconds of speed jogging in the place. Maintain a quick pace and push past threshold in order to build endurance and train those fast twitch muscle fibers for increased performance. Take 30-45 seconds breaks in between 5 full sets of this basketball speed enhancing exercise.

Speed Workout Program: Kbands Power Split Lunges

Strap on the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to increase the resistance of this speed workout program exercise. By performing quick movements under resistance the body is placing fast twitch muscles under tension for increased basketball speed. Begin in a lunge position and then explode out of it, scissoring the legs to land in the lunge with the opposite leg in front. Explode out of the downward movement for even greater resistance. During the upward acceleration, drive the arms up for increased momentum. Be conscious of the knee joint and do not let the knees pass the toes. Tighten the core and move quickly through this speed workout program exercise. Perform for 15-20 seconds before resting for 20 seconds and complete a total of 4 sets of this basketball speed enhancing exercise.

Speed Workout Program: Kbands Power Skips

This powerful skip movement will not only increase basketball speed but also vertical and is a simple yet vital addition to the speed workout program as a whole. Strap on the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and begin by driving the knee up through the resistance in a high skip. Be explosive and power through that resistance to strengthen the muscles of the legs for increase basketball speed and power for quick movements. Use the arms to increase momentum and gain extra power from each movement. Work through 6 power-skips on both right and left leg before resting for a few seconds and then complete 4 sets.


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Speed Workout Program: Kbands Sliding Squats

This basketball speed enhancing exercise will require the use of KB Duo Suspension Straps. This is one of the most effective and powerful exercises in this basketball workout program for speed. Mount the bands at the highest level with the fusion wall mount. Slide the handle off to the side and create a loop with the fabric. Place the right foot in the loop with the band sitting across the shoes laces, not the toes but the shoelaces. Get in position to perform this bodyweight exercise as if it is a reverse lunge, the right foot is behind you and the KB Duo is hanging straight down. Begin to squat with the left leg, by lowering into the squat and sliding the right leg back. This bodyweight exercise will really challenge balance and activate muscles of the legs, hips, and core. If extra support is necessary, grab a chair and build up to performing the exercising without help. Hold tension in the muscle to get the most out of this bodyweight exercise and never allow the knee to go over the toes. Move quickly and powerfully, really focusing on the muscle activation both up and down in the squat. The balance required during this movement will not only help increase muscle for basketball speed but also control and joint stability, this means less injuries on the court.

Perform twelve repetitions on each leg for 5 sets. After the fifth set on each leg lower into the 90-degree angle squat position and hold that stance for 30 seconds.

Speed Workout Program: Kbands Suspended Challenger Sequence

This exercise in the speed workout for basketball players is a challenger set pack with killer moves to gain muscle and basketball speed. Utilize the KB Duo and move the handle to the side so that the feet can easily slide into the strap. The first move in this sequence is the atomic push up. In pushup position, with the feet in the KB Duo strap, start by powering through and push up, at the top of the push up pull the knees in toward the chest for a tuck. Keep the hips tucked so the back is protected. Complete 8 reps and then immediately move into the pike by driving the hips up and making a V-shape with the body. Perform 8 reps and then move on to perform 8 knee ups. Drive the knees in toward the chest in a tucking motion and squeeze the abs and glutes to get the most muscle activation out of this move. Finish out this basketball speed sequence with a mountain climber. Keep the abs tight and challenge the hip flexors and core. This move will effectively target primary muscles needed for basketball speed on the court, strengthening the hips muscles necessary for quick and efficient movement.

Speed Workout Program: Ballistic Bands Squat Press

This speed workout program will require the use of one level of the Kbands Ballistic Bands. The feet should be shoulder width apart and the band underneath the feet. Hold the top half of the Ballistic Bands in front of the chest maintain a good athletic stance. Hands are also about shoulder width apart. To being, squat down into a deep squat and explode through the resistance to come back to a standing position and drive the arms up above the head in a shoulder press position. Now, bring the arms back down and then body all the way back to the squat. Drive through the resistance of the bands with power. Keep the muscles under tension for that explosive muscle action to increase strength, power, and thus basketball speed. Perform 10-12 repetitions to failure. Push the body to its limits and challenge the muscles of the hips, glutes and shoulders. Perform 4-5 complete sets using the proper level of resistance.

Basketball Workout Program For Speed: Further Workouts

Continue building strength with other Kbands workout programs for sports conditioning with these strength and conditioning drills. These will have players ready for anything on the court. Utilizing Kbands equipment will build muscle in a way that also challenges the joints and builds joint integrity, this will mean a lower chance of injury so players can be on the court longer and move faster. After each workout take the proper time to cool down and stretch so that muscles are rested and primed for sport performance.


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