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Back Exercises with Kbands Resistance 

A big reason why people are using resistance bands to train and workout is because they are very effective in relieving muscle and joint pain as well as the preventing injury.  For those who are already experiencing back pain using Kbands resistance will help improve flexibility and mobility.  If you have ever used free weights you know the pain that can be involved.  Kbands, KB PowerBands, and KB Duo make it possible to work the muscles, ligaments and tendons to relieve aches and pains without the setback of causing injury.  When a person is unable to move freely because of back pain they feel miserable.  Stretching and increasing blood flow in the legs and core using Kbands resistance is a great addition to back exercises and will help alleviate pain and help you feel better.  

A lot of people sit at a desk all day and do not exercise regularly so their muscles tighten.  Their bodies are not prepared for the action because they are constantly in an unnatural position.  Shoulders slug, head drops and backs arch for long periods of time causing tightness.  The body was designed to be upright so posture plays a huge role is back pain.  

Agonizing back pain is both annoying and miserable.  Daily stretching with Kbands resistance applies natural force to build muscle strength.  Many people who go to physical therapy for back pain are finding that resistance exercises are key in rebuilding injured muscles in the back and for alleviating back pain.  Simple stretching while using Kbands resistance leads to improvement in muscle strength.  The impact resistance back exercises have over exercising without resistance is substantial.  Muscles that are primed for action are less likely to be injured.  Anyone can pull the muscles of the back or strain their back so performing resisted exercises with the back flat and the head neutral in alignment with the spine will improve range of motion and flexibility. There are so many muscles in the back. It is very important to keep them moving through full range of motion to prevent tension which leads to back pain. 

Back Exercises to Strengthen the Back and Relieve Pain

Kbands Lateral Rowing:  Lateral rowing is great for working the mid and upper back muscles.  Place the center of the Kbands resistance band firmly around both sides of a doorknob or some type of handle.  Stand holding ends of Kbands in hands with feet firmly planted and then pull arms toward body until both hands reach chest.  The elbows should be behind body.  Pull and release for 3 sets of 12-15 reps.  

Kbands Lateral Arm Raises: This exercise works the upper back and the shoulder muscles. Begin by standing in the middle of the KB PowerBands with a handle in each hand.  With the waste bent raise arms to sides until they are parallel with ground or as far up as possible not going past the parallel position.  By squeezing the shoulders together it will allow for more of the back muscles to be used. 

Kbands Squats: Squats strengthen will strengthen the lower body as well as improve range of motion in the hips.  Stand in the middle of Upper Body Kbands and hold an end in each hand.  Place the feet a shoulders width apart and with the hips pushed back, squat down to the parallel position while maintaining a flat back. Stand back up and repeat exercise.  

Kbands Twist: Mid Back pain is very common in society today because of so many people sitting in a chair all day using a computer.  Put the KB PowerBands around a handle or pole and move back until the bands stretch. Begin with your legs shoulder width apart standing with one or your hips closest to the wall or pole. Hold both ends of the handles with straight arm in front of the body. Next rotate away from the wall maintaining straight hips. This exercise is meant to target the trunk. This movement will increase blood floor in the lower back and help strengthen the area. 

Great Exercise Program for a and Stable Core

When a person’s back is strong and flexible the spine is less likely to be injured. High impact or low impact aerobic style exercise using Kbands Burn videos will help promote stronger bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Kbands Burn includes 10 fun and upbeat videos that are great for burning fat and for strengthening the back by using the proper technique.  They will help you burn calories, burn fat and strengthen the entire body. A strong body makes a person feel better, look better, and decreases the chances of injury.  

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