Back Burner | A Great Back Workout to Gain Size and Strength


Back Burner: A Great Back Workout to Gain Size and Strength

Welcome back to the blog! Today we’ll be focusing on building a strong back, and to do this, we’ll be leaning heavily on drop sets. These back exercises will bring faster and more reliable results if we make use of the drop set or burn down method, which will involve completing high resistance back exercises until we reach the point of failure.

The drop set method can help build a strong back and biceps within an accelerated period of time. This approach also contributes to a rapid increase in muscle size as a result of hypertrophy, or the minuscule tears that accumulate and then heal in heavily taxed muscle tissue. We’ll call this challenging set of back exercise a superset, since it’s likely to present more than most of us can handle. Just do as many of these back exercises as you can, and stop when you reach your limit and are unable to continue. Over time, you’ll build a strong back and your endurance will increase. 




Workout Reps Workout Sets

Pull Ups


Straight Arm Pull Downs




Back Workout Superset: Pull Ups

Let’s start with the pull up, a classic back workout move. Grip the pull up bar with your hands wider than your shoulders and your palms facing away from you. As you pull yourself up, stop when your forehead reaches the height of the bar. For now, there’s no need to lift until the bar reaches your chin. Once your pull up approaches chin height, the tension transitions to your forearms and shoulders, and right now we’re focused on building a strong back. When you get to the point of failure during these back exercises, the muscles that fail should be those in your lats and upper back, not your arms.

Back Workout: Build a Strong Back with the Kbands

Once you reach the failure point with the first set of back exercises, move quickly to the second set, which will involve the use of the KB PowerBands. Take your resistance band (remember that you can attach more or fewer bands to adjust the tension) and loop it over the pull up bar.

Holding a handle in each hand, take about two steps away from the bar. Then plant one foot behind you for stability, bend your knees slightly, and rotate your shoulders to pull the handles down to your sides. Keep your elbows straight. You should feel the tension in your lats and upper back if you’re doing this part of the back workout correctly.

During this back workout move, make sure you’re spending as much time as possible with your targeted muscles under tension. Don’t do this back exercise too fast. Instead, draw the bands to your sides over a period of one or two full seconds and then release them slowly.

Back Workout: Final Notes

Try to complete three to five sets of both back exercises with a one or two minute break in between each set. As for your reps, just do each back exercise as many times as you can. As soon as you reach the failure point, move on to the next part of the back workout.

Feel free to place your back workout at the beginning or middle of your complete workout routine. But this back workout superset might not be a great way to end your session, since pull ups require energy and you may not get as much out of them if you’re tired after a long series of other exercises.

As always, I’m here to answer any questions you may have about back exercises and strong back workout moves. Go ahead and leave a comment below or contact us directly. We also encourage you to subscribe above so you can find out right away when we post new workout sets. Thanks for visiting!


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