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Free With Your Purchase of the Advanced Training Kit

With every order of the Advanced Training Kit we provide each customer with a digital download that provides linked workouts hosted on Kbands Training. These links will give you everything you need to get started. Learn how to install each of our power products Kbands, KB PowerBands and the KB Duo. Don't stop there! Increase your athletic performance, or jump start your fitness workouts with each amazing workout. Don't hesitate! Grab your Advanced Training Kit and get started training today. 

Please Note: The ATK Training System Donwload Instructions can only be downloaded once upon purchase. 






Start Training With Speed101


Speed101 is all about enhancing athlete's speed and explosiveness. Build hip flexor strength and quickness during each Speed101 training session. Get started training with Trevor Theismann and Speed101. 



Start Training With The Full Body Toner

Full Body Toner

By utilizing Kbands you will see how easy it is to increase your heart while toning your core, legs, and glutes. Push the pace and sweat all in 30 minutes with this downloadable workout. 



Shoulder Progression

Focus on shoulder stability and strength with the KB Powerbands Shoulder Progression workout. Utilize before throwing or offseason training for enhanced throwing performance. 


Dynamic Strength XP

Dynamic Strength XP

Build explosive power with Dynamic Strength XP. Add a new element to your workouts with suspension training and push every rep to failure with the perfect amount of resistance.  








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