Arm Exercises

KB Powerbands Triceps Extension

This move can help build size and tone in your triceps. Hold one handle of the KB Powerbands in your right hand and let the other rest on the floor. Step on the band with your right foot, pinning it down. Keep your elbow stationary at the side of your face, and hold the handle in your right hand with your palm facing up toward the ceiling. The band should be running straight up your back right past your shoulder blade. Now bend and straighten your elbow, raising the handle above your head and lowering it back down. Protect your shoulder by making sure the band extends straight up and down between the ceiling and the floor. If your band tends to slant, you may be using too much resistance. Try a lighter band. Just make sure you keep the pressure on your triceps, not your shoulder.



KB PowerBands Bicep Curl

Stand up straight with your chest wide and hold the KB Powerband against the floor with your feet. Keeping your elbows stationary at your sides, curl your biceps to bring the handles of the resistance band toward your chest. Your hands should be close together with palms facing upward. Keep your elbows in place and you’ll keep the pressure of the move centered on your biceps. Also, make sure your chest stays wide. Don’t hunch or roll your shoulders forward. You can also turn this move into a hammer curl by rotating your grip so your thumbs are pointing up instead of out to the sides.



KB PowerBands Triceps Kick Back

Wrap your KB Powerbands around a sturdy pole or piece of equipment and slide one handle through the other. Holding the free handle in your right hand, step away from the anchor point until the resistance band is tight. While facing the pole, bend over slightly with your right foot forward (closer to the anchor) and your left foot one step back. Hold the handle in your right hand. Tuck your elbow against your side and keep it stationary. Now straighten your elbow, pulling the handle down toward your hip. You should feel the pressure of this move in your tricep. Repeat the move an equal number of times on each side.



KB PowerBands Overhead Tricep Extension

The overhead triceps extension exercise is great for toning your triceps. By extending your arm with resistance you can get rid of those flabby arms or build bulging muscles. Listen as I explain how to do the exercise correctly. As you get more confortable feel free to add more reisstance to your KB PowerBands.



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