Ab Exercises

Kbands Bicycle

Bicycles are designed to work the muscles of the legs, core, and lower torso, and the Kbands can help add an additional element of muscle-burning tension. Strap the Kbands securely around your legs. Make the sure you have the long band positioned in the front and the short band in the back. Now lie on your back and raise your right knee up to your chest with you left leg extended and straight. At the same time, with your hands held close to your head, raise your chest and upper body from the floor and touch your right knee with your left elbow. Then bring your left knee to your right elbow. Repeat this move, making sure to keep your upper body tight and elevated.




KB PowerBands Toe Touch

You can do this move with or without the resistance bands attached to your legs, but you’ll definitely need the KB Powerbands to increase tension in your upper, middle and lower abs. Wrap the band around your mid-lower back as you lie on the floor. Keeping your knees straight and your feet together, raise both legs toward the ceiling. Now, with a resistance band handle in each hand, reach up to touch your toes. Lower your torso back to the floor slowly over a count of three full seconds.



Kbands Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers are challenging enough, but the Kbands add extra resistance that can help you get a little more out of this classic move. With the bands in placed around your legs, drop to the floor in bridge or push-up position. Keep your body straight and don’t let it sag or arch upward. Bring each knee up to your chest one at a time for a slow workout, or raise the intensity by lifting your knees in quick succession, like you’re running in place.



Kbands Scissor

The Kbands can turn standard scissors into an exercise for the core as well as the legs, but scissors feel a bit different with the Kbands on than they do without them. To get the most out of the move, lie flat on your back and place your hands under your butt for support, palms to the floor. Raise your right leg straight up toward the ceiling while keeping your left leg extended. Then raise your left leg and extend your right. Feel the burn in your quads, abs, and core as your legs scissor apart and come together.



Kbands Wood Chopper

The wood chopper is a great strength-building exercise for the core and hips, especially with the addition of the Kbands. With the bands secure, lie on your back and press your feet together. Hold your palms together as well and flex your abs, bringing your hands from above your head to between your knees, as if you’re chopping wood. This is a modified ab crunch that can provide strong resistance, but make sure you complete the full range of motion. Begin the move with your hands above your head. Don’t let the move start with your hands at your chest.



Kbands Side Bridge Knee Up

The side bridge knee-up requires close attention to form, so make sure you’re doing this move properly. Kneel on the floor and lean to your right side until you’re propping yourself up on your right elbow. With both knees bent at a 90 degree angle, pull your left knee forward. Then put it back. Repeat the move several times before rotating to your other side and working your right knee. Make sure your body line stays straight and doesn’t sag. To make the move more difficult, extend your body and support yourself on your elbow and toe, instead of your elbow and knee. But use this full plank position only if you’re strong enough to do so with no sag in your body line.



Kbands Wide Knee Up

The wide knee-up is a form of modified mountain climber, so start by adopting the plank position with your feet spaced slightly wider than shoulder width apart. But instead of pulling each knee up straight up toward your chest, lift your knees forward and to the side. If you’re doing the move properly, you should feel the burn in your obliques and the center of your core.



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