5 Meals A Day | Calories Per Day


Eat More Often and Lose Weight | 5 Meals a Day

Eat smaller meals more times per day to curb those dreaded hunger pains and to prevent binge eating.  Does this sound familiar?  Many people find it difficult to plan and find the time to eat that many times per day.  It really is not hard though.  The idea is to boost the metabolism by eating smaller meals more times throughout the day. With a little planning this is a great way to live with a healthy body weight. It only makes sense that this way of eating allows a person to feel full throughout the day. The body uses food for energy and 5 meals, in smaller portions, allows the body to use the energy instead of storing it as fat like it does by eating 2-3 bigger meals per day that are spread out.  This is great for keeping the metabolism moving at a steady rate instead of having to jump start it. 2-3 large meals a day leaves hours of down time between meals. This down time leaves you feeling hungrier and hungrier only to lead to a massive catch up meal.  Eating 5 meals per day works like a fire. Firewood must periodically be added to keep the fire burning.  

It may seem like eating 5 meals a day is too much food, but portion size is what matters. Eating smaller portions of healthy foods throughout the day will change the way your body metabolizes food. Rather than storing food as fat when eating 3 large meals a day, the body knows it will be fed again soon and can burn through any meal you send it's way and then move onto body fat. The body does exactly what you tell it to. If you miss meals and over eat, you are telling your body to store fat. If you are consistently eating nutritions foods, you are telling your body to keep on burning because your will get fed soon. Sounds out of the box, but you will see the results if you begin living this lifestyle. 


For example: Eating a turkey breast with some green beans may not sound like much food, but it is plenty when you will be eating again in a few hours.  Giving the body small amounts of food 5 times a day will provide the body the needed calories to burn quickly.  Often a person thinks that eating only 1 time per day speeds up weight loss.  They would be mistaken though. After a while this causes the body to go into starvation mode, eats away at muscle mass, slows down metabolism and makes it harder to lose weight.

There are two variations of eating 5 meals a day.  The first one is 3 mid-size meals and 2 small snacks.  The other variation is eating 5 equal size small meals per day.  With both of these options the calories per day can be satisfied.  On an 1,800 calories per day plan it is possible to eat 3 meals of 400 calories and two snacks of 300 calories.  The other option is to eat 5 300 calorie meals a day.  The objective is to eat 5 meals a day with a total of 1,800 calories.  Either option works and depends on the preference of each person.      

Great Tips for Eating 5 Meals a Day

  • Determine the desired daily calorie intake.  Keep track of the amount of calories consumed each day for a week or more.
  • Take the normal number of calories per day and subtract determined calories per day to lose weight in order to come up with the new total of calories to eat per day.  Example: If currently consuming 2,000 and the desired amount of calories per day is 1,500 then 500 calories must be taken out of the daily calorie total. 
  • Take the new number of daily calories to consume and divide into 5 meals per day in order to determine the best foods to eat throughout the day.
  • Start eating healthy foods. Stay away from fried foods, processed foods, simple fast food, and carbohydrate foods .  Eat more grilled and baked proteins, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts and seeds.
  • Eat fiber first thing in the morning.  This is a great way to get the body moving and motivated. Whole grain toast, oatmeal, and high fiber fruit will boost the metabolism.
  • Power up with a mid morning snack by nibbling on carrots or celery and a piece of fruit.
  • Monitor weight loss weekly to determine if additional calories per day need to be cut.