100 Rep Challenge: Tricep Exercises


100 Rep Challenge: Tricep Exercises

Hi, and welcome back to the Flex2Fit workout blog! I’m Trevor Theismann and I’m here with Shannon Denton representing Kbandstraining.com. Every week on the Flex2Fit blog, we offer a new workout video designed to target overall fitness or specific aspects of sports performance. As we film each video, we explain the moves and techniques that can help you reach your goals, and then we move through them with you, providing encouragement and pointers as we go. We also use the blog as an opportunity to demonstrate the use of the Kbands, KB Powerbands and KB Duo. With strong resistance training and suspension training equipment on your side, there’s no fitness goal you can’t reach. These demonstrations can help you maximize the benefits of your equipment and get the most out of your workouts. 

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Arm Workouts: Tricep Exercises 

In today’s session, Shannon will be taking on our latest 100 rep challenge. She’ll be completing a set of tricep exercises focused on the upper arm area, and she’ll be relying on the KB Duo. Whether you’re looking for defined arms, strong arms, or big arms, 100 rep arms workouts like this one can bring the results you need. First we’ll demonstrate the tricep exercises involved in the challenge, then Shannon will blast through 100 reps while you complete your own arm workouts at home. 


Tricep Exercises: Using the KB Duo

Begin by attaching your KB Duo to a sturdy anchor point slightly higher than your head, just as we’ve done with the squat rack. Holding a handle in each hand, stand facing away from the anchor point and lean your weight into the bands, keeping your arms straight at the elbow. Make sure your body plane forms a straight line.  Don’t lean too much and let your angle become too horizontal, and don’t stand too upright or the arm workout will be too easy and you won’t get fast results. 

Now lean your body forward by bending at the elbow. As you bend your elbow and lean into these tricep exercises, keep your hands just higher than your head, and again, keep your body line straight. Don’t let your butt inch out or your back arch in during this arm workout. 


100 Rep Challenge Tricep Exercises

Now that you’ve seen a demonstration of these arm workouts, are you ready to begin the 100 rep challenge? Great! Follow Shannon as she moves through 100 reps from beginning to end. Be aware: This arm workout is difficult! And 100 reps is no small task. Stop if you need to and shake your arms out for a second or two, but jump back in and get back to the tricep exercises as fast as you can. Just don’t let your fatigue get the best of your technique. Keep a flat back and maintain control over your arms as you go. 

Push yourself! When you get tired, think about your breathing. Inhale through the nose and out through the mouth. It also helps to concentrate on your arm workout goals. What are you reaching for? Think about those goals and stay focused as you count your way to 100. 

When you make it all the way to 100 tricep exercises (with or without a few breaks in the middle), shake your arms out and check your time. Can you beat your personal best? The faster you finish 100 reps, the more you’ll get out of these arm workouts and the faster you’ll tighten up that flab and build big arms

Leave your results in the comment section below, and join us next week for another Flex2Fit blog! Enjoy the workout! 


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